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11 Top Time and Billing Software for Accountants in 2024

11 Top Time and Billing Software for Accountants in 2024

In 2024, accountants have a plethora of billing and time software options to choose from.

Each of them offers unique features to streamline their workflow.

This article highlights the 11 top tools that stand out for their efficiency, ease of use, and comprehensive billing solutions.

Whether you're a freelancer or part of a large firm, these software picks are designed to boost your efficiency and accuracy in financial management.

What is time and billing software for accounting companies?

time and billing

Billing and time tracking software helps keep track of work hours and manage billing smoothly. It's a smart assistant that makes sure you record every bit of billable time accurately. 

With this software, creating time reports becomes super easy and you never miss out on any billable and non-billable work. It's also great for expense tracking related to each project as it helps you stay within project budgets. 

It's all about making the process of tracking time, managing expenses, and billing clients as hassle-free as possible.

Why accounting firms should use time tracking for client billing works

Using time tracking for client billing is a smart move if you work in accounting. 

Here's why:

Track billable hours easily

Knowing exactly how much time you spend on each client's work is vital. Time tracking lets you record every minute, so you can bill accurately. This way, you don't undercharge for your hard work or overcharge and upset clients.

Separate billable and non-billable work

Not all tasks are billable. Administrative work, for example, doesn't directly generate income. Time tracking helps you distinguish between billable and non-billable activities, so you get a clear picture of where your time goes.

Boost hourly productivity

When you track time, you become more aware of how you spend it. This awareness can lead you to work more efficiently and boost your productivity. You'll find ways to complete tasks faster, leaving more time for additional billable work.

Improve profitability

Thanks to accurately tracking billable hours, you know you're paid for all your work. This can boost your profitability. Also, analyzing time entries can highlight more profitable services and guide you to focus on them.

Make time entries a habit

Regularly recording time spent on client work makes billing smoother and more accurate. It becomes easier to create invoices, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. 

Plus, detailed time entries can justify your bills to clients, as well as reduce any potential disputes.

In short, time tracking is a game-changer for accounting firms. Making it a part of your daily routine can benefit your business in more ways than one.

Top time and billing software for accounting companies in 2024 - 11 picks

So to save you time and energy, we've crafted the ultimate list of the top 11 time billing software for accountants in 2024.

Explore the list now to see if anything tickles your fancy:


time and billing software

Unrubble is the best, most comprehensive time and billing solution specifically designed to meet the needs of accountants and financial professionals.

It simplifies the process of tracking work hours and managing billing through an intuitive dashboard. With this tool, every minute of billable time is accurately recorded and accounted for.

Unrubble stands out in the market for its seamless integration of time tracking with billing processes, which makes it an indispensable tool for accountants who need precision and efficiency.

The platform's ability to generate real-time timesheets and integrate with popular payroll platforms minimizes the time spent on administrative tasks. As a result, you get to focus more on your core responsibilities. 

With its user-friendly interface, customizable pricing, and innovative features like QR code clock-in and clock-out, Unrubble offers a unique blend of functionality and convenience.

It's the best choice for accountants looking for a reliable time and billing solution.

  • Pros: designed for simplicity, intuitive interface.
  • Cons: may take some time to learn all the features.
  • Top features: easy time tracking, and straightforward billing.
  • Pricing: free to begin with

Don't wait - try it today for free. 


time and billing app

Clockify is a time tracker and billing tool good for accountants who need to keep precise tabs on how much time they spend on each client. It lets you start a timer with a click and you can even see all your time entries. Plus, it's great for teams, as each team member can log their hours, and you can compile it all into professional timesheets for billing.

  • Pros: free for basic use, user-friendly.
  • Cons: advanced features require paid plans.
  • Top features: unlimited users, time tracking, reports, and project management.
  • Pricing: free to begin with


time and billing platform

Timeular is a unique time management tool that combines a physical device with a digital app, making it a standout choice for accountants who prefer tangible tracking. You flip the device to start tracking different activities, turning time tracking into a more interactive experience. It syncs with a digital board. This is where you can visualize your time spent and easily create a timesheet. As such, accurate billing for every minute worked is possible.

  • Pros: a unique physical device for tracking; great for hands-on users.
  • Cons: the physical device can be expensive if you have to order one for each user.
  • Top features: physical time tracking device, detailed analytics.
  • Pricing: €8 per month for the cheapest software plan, €57.50 for the physical device


time and billing system

MyHours is a time tracker designed for those SaaS accounting specialists who need to manage their billable hours efficiently. It offers a simple way to start timers for any task or client. 

The interface provides a clear view of your time. It's also team-friendly as it allows every team member to contribute to the same project timesheets. The billing process is simplified with detailed records of every hour worked.

  • Pros: great for freelancers and small teams; affordable.
  • Cons: might lack depth in features for larger businesses.
  • Top features: time monitoring, project budgeting, and reports.
  • Pricing: free to begin with.


top time and billing software

Everhour is a time tracking and billing app tailored for accountants who need to merge precise work tracking with their billing routines. 

It integrates seamlessly with your accounting software, so it's a breeze to manage time and expenses in one place. The app's intuitive design simplifies logging hours and automatically turns them into detailed invoices, all so that every minute of billable work is accounted for.

  • Pros: excellent integration with project management tools.
  • Cons:no standalone mobile app.
  • Top features: time monitoring, invoicing, and budget management.
  • Pricing: free to begin with.


top time and billing app

Harvest makes time tracking and billing straightforward for accountants. It's a time tracking app that offers powerful tools for capturing hours and expenses, then effortlessly turning them into professional invoices. 

With Harvest, you can keep your project's financials in check. You're always on top of your time and expense without the need to juggle multiple platforms as a Harvest user.

  • Pros: well-rounded features, integrates with many tools.
  • Cons: can be pricey for larger teams.
  • Top features: time tracking, invoicing, expense tracking.
  • Pricing: free to begin with.


top time and billing platform

Scoro is more than just a time tracking app - it's a comprehensive solution that combines time tracking, billing, and a robust set of features for managing your entire business process. 

It's designed to work well with accounting software. Accountants will appreciate Scoro for its ability to keep a detailed record of time and expense.

  • Pros: comprehensive business management features.
  • Cons: higher price point; might be complex for some users.
  • Top features: time tracking, project & budget management, CRM.
  • Pricing: starts at $26/user/month, with a minimum number of 5 users.


top time and billing system

Beebole is a flexible solution for accountants looking to streamline their time management and invoicing processes. It offers a straightforward dashboard for monitoring billable hours. With Beebole, accountants can efficiently track time, manage budgets, and generate detailed reports, all in one place.

  • Pros: flexible for businesses of all sizes; multilanguage support.
  • Cons: the interface might have a learning curve.
  • Top features: time tracking, budget control, real-time reports.
  • Pricing: $5.99/user/month with a free trial available.

Toggl Track

top time and billing software for accountants

Toggl Track is a user-friendly time-tracking solution designed for accountants who need to keep a meticulous record of their hours. Its simple timer and powerful reporting tools make it easy to capture every minute of work. 

Toggl Track helps accountants stay on top of their time management, making the billing process smoother and more accurate.

  • Pros: user-friendly, great for individuals and small teams.
  • Cons: advanced features require higher-tier plans.
  • Top Features: time tracking, reporting, project planning.
  • Pricing: free to begin with


top time and billing software for accountants

Hubstaff offers a comprehensive billing and time-tracking platform for accountants that focuses on productivity and efficiency. 

With features like automatic time tracking, detailed time reports, and integrated billing, it's designed to optimize the workflow of accounting professionals. Hubstaff helps accountants accurately track hours and manage projects.

  • Pros: powerful for remote teams; includes GPS tracking.
  • Cons: some may find constant monitoring intrusive.
  • Top features: time tracking, productivity monitoring, payroll.
  • Pricing: free to begin with


top time and billing apps for accountants

Paymo is a time tracking and project management tool that caters specifically to the needs of accountants for accurate billing and efficient work management. It combines time tracking with task management and invoicing features. 

With Paymo, accountants can be sure that every hour of work is accounted for. This system enhances the accuracy of their billing processes.

  • Pros: good for small to medium-sized businesses; integrated project management.
  • Cons: can be complex for simple time tracking needs.
  • Top features: time tracking, task management, invoicing.
  • Pricing: the small office plan starts at $11.95/user/month, with a free plan for freelancers.

Other tools worth mentioning: Quickbooks, Time Doctor, Jibble

Invoice clients and track time easily as an accountant

We thoroughly enjoyed showing you the best solutions for your needs.

Choosing the right software is key for accountants aiming to optimize their workflow in 2024. 

The 11 tools we've explored offer a range of functionalities to suit different needs and preferences.

Once you select the software that aligns with your specific requirements, you can improve the accuracy of your time and billing in no time.

If you don't know which solution you should pick - we highly recommend Unrubble.

Start tracking and billing today for free.

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