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8 Best Goal Tracking Apps For 2024 - Find The Best Tracker

8 Best Goal Tracking Apps For 2024 - Find The Best Tracker

It's time to say hello to 2024 - a year full of possibilities and new goals.

Whether you want to boost your productivity, streamline your daily routines, or make your dreams come true, the right tools can make a big difference.

That's why we've searched the internet to bring you the top goal-tracking apps. 

These tools can help you manage multiple goals, remind you of tasks, and set achievable objectives.

Why does goal tracking matter?

Goal tracking is key for several reasons.

Provides direction and focus

Goal tracking is like having a roadmap. It gives you a clear direction and helps you focus on what's important. When you know exactly what you're aiming for, you can align your daily actions with your long-term objectives. As such, you make sure you're always moving in the right direction.

Boosts motivation

Seeing progress is a huge motivator. When you track your goals, you can see how far you've come, and this progress can be incredibly motivating. It's as if you were climbing a mountain and looking back to see how high you've climbed – it gives you the energy to keep going.

Enhances productivity

Studies show that when you track goals, you become more productive. It helps you prioritize tasks and manage your time more effectively. 

You're less likely to get sidetracked by distractions or less time-sensitive tasks because you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to reach your goals.

Facilitates accountability

Goal tracking holds you accountable. When you set a goal and track it, you're making a commitment. 

This sense of accountability can be a powerful driver that pushes you to take consistent action and avoid procrastination.

Enables measurement of success

How do you know if you've succeeded if you don't track your progress? Goal tracking allows you to measure your success and see if you're meeting your targets. 

It provides tangible evidence of your achievements, or it can highlight areas where you need to improve.

Improves decision making

When you track your goals, you gather valuable information that can inform future decisions. 

You learn what works and what doesn't. This helps you make better, more informed decisions moving forward.

Increases chances of achieving goals

Simply put, people who track their goals are more likely to achieve them. The act of tracking keeps the goal at the forefront of your mind. What's more, it encourages regular reflection and adjustment, as well as significantly increases your chances of success.

In summary, goal tracking is not just about setting targets; it's about creating a pathway to success. It's a tool that helps you stay focused, motivated, and productive, while also providing valuable insights into your progress and achievements. Whether in personal development, education, or business, effective goal tracking can be a game-changer.

The best goal-tracking app for 2024: top 8 picks

So to take advantage of these great perks, check out the top 8 solutions for monitoring your goals this year:


best goal tracking apps

Unrubble is all about simplifying team scheduling and work time tracking. It's a breeze for managing PTOs (Paid Time Offs) and has a user-friendly interface that's easy to use. It's especially handy for keeping an eye on when your team clocks in and out, thanks to its intuitive design.

  • Cost: there is a fully free version available.
  • Free trial: Yes, together with customizable pricing, meaning you pay for only what you need. Plus, you can start using Unrubble for free without any hidden fees or unexpected charges.
  • Features: it includes features like GPS tracking in its mobile app, real-time notifications, and integration with popular payroll platforms. It's a great tool for task management and staying on top of your personal goals.


best goal tracking app

Weekdone is a leader in OKR (Objectives and Key Results) software. It helps you track what needs to be done weekly and quarterly. Weekdone fosters team support through praise and feedback. It's perfect for setting specific goal trackers and smart goals.

  • Cost: Weekdone is free for up to 3 users
  • Free trial: it offers a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required to start the trial.
  • Features: the app includes visual OKR hierarchy trees, automated weekly status reports, pulse surveys, and check-ins. 


the best goal tracking apps

Strides is a flexible app that allows you to track anything you want, making it a great specific goal tracker. 

It offers four unique tracker types: Habit, Target, Average, and Project. With its dashboard, you can view all your goals and habits in one place. Strides also supports SMART goals. As such, it helps you stay on top of your personal and business goals. The app is free to download, and its paid version offers additional features.

  • Cost: Strides is free to download, with optional premium features available.
  • Free trial: not explicitly mentioned, but the app can be used for free with basic features.
  • Features: include habit monitoring, target tracking, average tracking, and project tracking with basic functionality.


the best goal tracking app

Habitica is known for gamifying your daily habits and to-do list. It turns your tasks into little monsters that you defeat by completing your real-life goals. It's great for those who want a fun and engaging way to stay on track. Habitica is free to use, with optional in-app purchases.

  • Cost: Habitica is free to use.
  • Free trial: not applicable, as the core app is free.
  • Features: Habitica offers gamified task and habit tracking, daily goals, and social features.


goal tracking apps

Todoist is a task management app that helps keep you on track of your to-do list. It's known for its simplicity and ease of use, as well as allowing you to quickly add tasks and organize them. 

Todoist is suitable for managing daily tasks and can be used as a daily habit tracker. The app offers a free version, with a premium version available for more advanced features.

  • Cost: Todoist offers a free version, with a paid version available for more advanced features.
  • Free trial: Todoist provides a free version.
  • Features: include task management, reminders, and basic project organization.


goal tracking app

Coach.me focuses on habit monitoring and personal coaching. It offers a free habit tracker app, where you can set reminders for your habits and track your progress. 

For those looking for more guidance, Coach.me provides personal coaching starting at $25/week. This feature can be particularly helpful for those struggling with bad habits or needing extra motivation.

  • Cost: it's free. Personal coaching starts at $25/week.
  • Free trial: it can be used for free. 
  • Features: habit tracking and community support.

Way of Life

the goal tracking app

Way of Life is an intuitive habit tracker that helps you build better habits. It offers a simple and fast way to track routines with a color-coded system and powerful reminders. The app is designed to help you spot positive and negative trends in your habits over time. Way of Life is free to try, with additional features available in the paid version.

  • Cost: the app is free to try, with a paid version available.
  • Free trial: the basic app is free, which can be considered as a trial for the premium features.
  • Features: includes simple habit tracking, reminders, and basic trend analysis.


best goal tracking systems

ATracker is a time tracking app that's also great for habit and goal measuring. It's easy to use, with a customizable interface and minimal setup required. ATracker provides detailed reports in various formats. They help you analyze the time you spend on different activities.

  • Cost: ATracker is free with basic functions. The PRO version on iOS costs $4.99 as a one-time fee. There's also a premium subscription available for $2.99/month.
  • Free trial: the basic version serves as a free trial for the PRO and premium versions.
  • Features: basic built-in time tracking, task management, and simple reporting features.

Achieve your goals in 2024 easily with a tracking app

As we finish exploring the best goal-tracking apps, remember that the journey to achieving your dreams is just as important as reaching your goals.

These apps are more than just digital tools - they are catalysts for change, designed to keep you on track and help you navigate the challenges of life with ease.

Whether you are managing several goals, trying to form new habits, or simply staying organized, there is an app on this list that suits your needs.

We recommend Unrubble - an absolute game changer, especially in the context of workplace goal setting.

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