New updates and improvements to Unrubble.

Exports to XLSX

New Feature

  • Support for large ranges in horizontal exports (attendance report, detailed report, work report, work time tracking) in .xlsx format.

Minimize the window

New Feature

  • Added the ability to minimize the window for adding (employee, schedule, request, schedule wizard, request wizard, statuses, status wizard).

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New Feature

  • We have added functionality for right-click support on lists with an available drop-down (three dots).

Time Clock by Unrubble App (v4)

New Update

  • Update for the Time Clock by Unrubble App (v4)

A completely new version of the mobile app that transforms your tablet/smartphone into a professional mobile time clock. In addition to cosmetic changes in appearance, a new confirmation sound, and improved status logging, the app now supports a new feature—face recognition. Sign up today for the closed BETA tests of face recognition and wait for the functionality to be enabled on your account.

Requests Module


A completely new version of the Requests view!

The view has been grouped into tabs:

  • Grouped,
  • Ungrouped,
  • Pending.

The standard view is the Grouped tab. You will see the last application there, with all its previous versions (before editing) hidden underneath it.

Additionally, we have improved the view when submitting a request. On the left you will see information about the type of application being submitted along with the names of the employees to whom the application will apply. By default, the employee will only see himself or herself, but as a Manager, Supervisor or Administrator, when submitting an application for more than one person, you will see all of them selected here.

💡 After selecting the appropriate application and date range, next to the employees' names you will see the remaining limits they are entitled to.

We have also grouped the selection of the type of shares for the submitted application in a more convenient way. You can choose from:

New - new request,

Edit - petition to edit a previously submitted request,

Delete - petition to remove a previously submitted request.

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