New updates and improvements to Unrubble.

Pill - Quick Attendance Overview

New Feature

  • Addition of a new status "Not working" in the quick Attendance Overview.

When checking the overview, you will see employees with the "Not working" status whenever their schedule has not yet started or has ended. Otherwise, employees will be shown under the appropriate other status:

  • Working: when the schedule has started, and the employee has clocked in.
  • Late: when the schedule has started, and the employee clocked in later than the scheduled time.
  • Absent: when the schedule has started, but the employee has not clocked in.
  • Absence Excused: when the schedule has started, but the employee has an approved leave request.


  • Redirect to request details upon clicking a system notification.

Data Exports to File

New Feature

  • Quick date range selection for data exports.

This is a copy of the date range selection that is available on each data view on the left side of the screen. When you set a custom date range on the calendar, for example, the selected range will be visible for selection when exporting data.

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General Changes


  • Select/dropdown

New look for available dropdown options.

New Feature

  • Filters

The Today button now scrolls the calendar to the current date.

Team View Changes

New Features

  • New UI and UX for the Team view and employee editing.

  • Possibility to define alternative positions for the employee.


  • The option of defining holiday/any limits as well as rates and hours of work for various years (more than 5 years) has also been increased.

Various News

Organizational Settings

  • New UI and UX for settings.

Statuses List

  • Added filtering to the Time Tracking > Work Statuses list, with an option to "Show only edited statuses."


  • New Fileupload interface.

Ability to mark locations


  • Ability to mark locations with a pin.

In the Time Tracking > Locations, enter the name and address of the location, then adjust the location by grabbing the pin on the map.

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