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The Only Free Employee Availability Form Template You'll Need

employee availability form

Are you tired of juggling countless requests, trying to align everyone's availability, and still facing scheduling conflicts?

Well, breathe easy because this guide is your ticket to hassle-free scheduling.

We're not just talking about a piece of paper here.

This template is a strategic tool that simplifies the way you plan your workforce's time.

It's your secret weapon for efficient management, happier employees, and satisfied customers.

What is an employee schedule availability form?

Employee schedule availability forms are a handy tool for managers and team leads. It's a form that employees fill out to let their bosses know when they're available to work. This is super useful because it helps in creating a work schedule that fits everyone's needs.

So, imagine a form where employees jot down the days and times they're free to work. It's like telling your boss, "Hey, these are the times I can rock at work!" This way, the manager can align the workflow and make sure there's enough coverage during business hours. And that's without overloading anyone or having a situation where someone doesn’t have anything to do.

The form usually includes a spot for the employee's email address, phone number, and other details. It's also common to see options to customize the form, like adding specific shifts or job roles. This makes it a perfect fit for different types of businesses.

Why you should use an employee availability form

employee availability form

Using an employee availability template can benefit your business in many ways.

Here's a handful of examples:

Better employee scheduling

Think of employee scheduling as a jigsaw puzzle. With an employee availability form, you get all the puzzle pieces upfront – who's available and when. It's about placing each employee in the perfect shift slot. 

You can balance early birds with night owls, or those who prefer weekdays with weekend warriors. This strategic placement makes all shifts covered optimally. This way, you can reduce the likelihood of short-staffed scenarios.

It's about creating a harmonious schedule where business needs align with employee preferences. 

Less downtime

Downtime in scheduling is like hitting a speed bump – it slows everything down. Without an availability form, you might find yourself in a last-minute rush to fill shifts, calling around in a panic.

This not only eats into your time but can disrupt the workflow and affect productivity. With a well-thought-out schedule, based on clear availability, you minimize these hiccups.

You're prepared, with shifts covered in advance. This proactive approach can reduce stress and keep the business running like a well-oiled machine. Just how you'd like it to, right?

Giving employees their preferred shifts

This is all about empowerment and respect. When employees have a say in their schedules, it acknowledges their lives outside of work. Maybe they have school, family responsibilities, or personal preferences as to how they want to spend their time.

Thanks to accommodating these, you're showing that you value their time and well-being.

This respect can boost morale and job satisfaction, as well as lead to a more committed and engaged workforce. Happy employees are often more productive and willing to go the extra mile, which is great for business.

Improved customer experience

Finally, this all culminates in an improved customer experience. Think about it: employees who are happy and not overworked are more likely to provide better service.

They're attentive, engaged, and in a better mood – and this energy is contagious. Customers can feel this positive atmosphere and are more likely to have a pleasant experience. 

This can lead to repeat business, positive reviews, and a strong reputation. In a way, by taking care of your employees with thoughtful scheduling, you're indirectly taking care of your customers too.

So, an employee availability form isn't just a piece of paper - it's a tool that can boost your business, the well-being of your employees, and the satisfaction of your customers. It's a small step with potentially huge returns.

What to include on your employee availability form template? 

Now,  the form is pretty self-explanatory, which is great.

You've got your basic employee contact information section – think name, phone number, email – the essentials. Then there's a part for their available hours and more. 

Find out everything the form should include in more detail here:

Contact details

Start with the basics. You want to have a section for employee contact information. This includes their name, telephone number, and email address. It's essential for quick communication, especially if there are any last-minute changes to the schedule. Plus, it helps keep all employee details in one neat place.

Signatures and dates

Don't forget the signatures and dates. This might seem a bit formal, but it's crucial. When an employee signs the form, it's like they're saying, "Yep, this info is accurate, and I'm good with it." It also helps you keep track of when the form was filled out, which is super important for keeping the information up to date.


A small section for instructions can go a long way. This part can guide new employees or anyone a bit unsure about how to fill in the form. Simple, clear directions can prevent any confusion and ensure you get the information you need without any hiccups.


Now, the heart of the form - availability. Here, employees can mark down the days and times they're available to work. It's not just about when they can work, but also when they prefer to work. This info is gold for creating a schedule that keeps everyone happy and the business humming along smoothly.

Future adjustments

Life changes, right? So, it's smart to have a section where employees can mention any future adjustments they anticipate in their availability. This foresight can help you plan ahead and adapt the schedule as needed.

Employee availability sheet template in PDF

And here's a tip: make it a PDF.

Why? Because PDFs are printable, as well as easy to email and store.

Plus, they look professional and are easy for everyone to open.

So we've created one specially for you, have a look:

employee availability form

Download the PDF here.

Make use of this free template next time you're trying to schedule your employees' work. Enjoy!

(Do you like this template? Check out all of them here.)


So there you have it – a comprehensive look at why and how to use our employee availability template.

From ensuring better employee scheduling to reducing downtime, giving employees their preferred shifts, and enhancing the customer experience, this tool is a powerhouse for your business. 

It's not just about filling out a form, but about building a more efficient, respectful, and customer-centric work environment.

And remember, transforming this template into a PDF format makes it universally accessible, easy to distribute, and professional-looking. With options for future adjustments and clear instructions, it's user-friendly for both seasoned staff and new employees alike.

Download the PDF, give it a try, and witness the positive change it brings to your business's scheduling process. Happy scheduling with Unrubble!

employee availability form

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