New updates and improvements to Unrubble.

Updated facial recognition & fraud detection functionality

Implementation of the Final Version

  • We have implemented the final version of the facial recognition and fraud detection functionality. The update includes all the submitted suggestions, such as simplifying the initialization of new face models and an autonomous retraining process.

Adding a New Face (Face Init)

  • A new, easier system for the initial registration of an employee's face - employees no longer need to turn their heads during the first scan. The AI will take a series of photos in seconds and handle the rest.

Fraud Detection

  • We have added full fraud detection functionality. Attempts to cheat the scanning process, such as using photos or playing videos, will now be visible in the system and will await the responsible person's approval or rejection.

Face Retraining (AI)

The AI model learns faces to independently detect and report fraud.

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Additional information for requests

New Feature

  • From now on, each request will show information about who it has been directed to, meaning who can review it.


  • Additional information about limits has been added when submitting a new request, as well as a reset option for selected days on the calendar.


  • Added support for printing multiple schedules for a single day.

Work Time Tracking Module


We have improved adding statuses that span overnight. For example, when manually adding statuses for an employee on April 4th:

  • Start time: 22:00
  • Stop time: 6:00

the system will automatically set the Stop time to April 5th, ensuring the status pair is correct.

Requests Module


  • New algorithm for recalculating used PTO limits.

Since now, available transfer options are:

  • Never,
  • 1 Year,
  • 2 Years,
  • 3 Years,
  • 4 Years,
  • 5 Years.

IMPORTANT! In the previous algorithm, the Never option was incorrectly named and transferred vacation days for a maximum of 12 months. Anyone who had the Never option set on their account now has 1 Year enabled, ensuring that the data limits remain unchanged.

If the option of X months was previously selected, it is now also set to 1 Year.

Work Status View [Work Time Tracking]

New Feature

A completely new version of the Time Tracking > Work Statuses.

  • Tabs were added.
  • Added features include ability to export the photolog (photos) to a file.
  • We have also organized the displayed data when clicking on a status.
  • Clicking on a photo now shows its preview in a much larger window.

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