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Time Off Request Form: How To Request Time Off at Work?

time off request

While many folks enjoy their jobs, everyone also appreciates some time off.

But to get some rest, you can't just pull a "no-show" at work. It requires a well-structured process.

In our comprehensive guide, you'll learn the ins and outs of asking for time off effectively. You'll also find out how employees and employers can make time off work for everyone with a special template and tool.

Let's start.

What is a time off request?

A time-off request is a formal submission made by an employee to their employer or HR department to request a specific type of time away from work. This request can encompass various reasons, including vacations, personal days, sick leave, or other personal needs. 

How it happens

When making this formal request for personal time off, employees typically specify the dates they wish to be absent and provide a brief explanation or reason for their request.

Employers review these requests, especially in compliance with the company's time off policy and employee handbook. And if the request is approved, they grant the employee permission to be absent from work during the requested period. 

It's essential for employees to make their request through a designated time off work form. This ensures a formal and organized process. 

This advance notice allows HR and management to manage time off efficiently. It also allows for proper staffing and coverage, and is especially important for new hires. 

Ultimately, approved time-off requests help organizations maintain smooth business operations while accommodating employees' needs and preferences.

How to request time off

time off request

Asking for a break from work, whether it's vacation time, a personal day, or any other type of time off, is a common need for employees.

However, for many, this process can create unnecessary stress. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way.

Here's a straightforward guide on how to confidently and easily request time off:

Review your company's time-off policy

Begin with familiarizing yourself with your company's time-off policy. It can be often found in the employee handbook or through your HR department. Understand the various types of leave available, including paid time off and unpaid time, as well as any specific rules and timelines for requesting time off.

Check the company calendar

Take a moment to examine your company and department calendars. Doing so will help you identify any critical workload periods, important deadlines, or company events that may affect your time-off request. Avoid requesting time off during these sensitive times when possible.

Types of leave:

  • vacation time
  • health leave
  • personal time
  • bereavement leave
  • public holidays
  • maternity/paternity leave
  • jury duty leave
  • military leave
  • compensatory time off
  • unpaid leave

Communicate with your team

Openly discuss your time-off plans with your manager and team members well in advance. This communication is essential to ensure a smooth transition during your absence and may involve addressing workflow concerns or delegating tasks. It's all about making sure everyone is on the same page.

Make your request

Most companies have a time-off request form or an online system to formalize your request. Be sure to complete this form accurately. Specify the type of leave you need, such as vacation days, sick leave, or even bereavement leave, along with the requested dates. Provide any additional details as required.

Respect submission deadlines

Pay close attention to any submission deadlines established by your company for time-off requests. It's wise to submit your request months in advance, especially if you're planning a more extended absence, such as a vacation months down the line.

Follow up if necessary

After submitting your request, follow up with your manager or HR department to confirm that they received it. This can be an excellent opportunity to discuss any potential adjustments or answer any questions they may have.

Know your rights

Familiarize yourself with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other relevant employment laws that protect your rights when taking time off for specific reasons, such as medical leave or jury duty.

Remember that requesting time off is a natural part of employment. When done in accordance with your company's time-off policy, it can be a straightforward process. Most employers are happy to discuss your needs and will do their best to accommodate your request if feasible.

Time off request form you can use

In case your company doesn't have a template for requesting time off, we come to the rescue with the perfect example.

If you're an employee - let your boss know about it.

If you're an employer - be sure to implement it.


[Your Company Name] Time Off Request Form

Employee Information:

  • Employee Name: ______________________________
  • Employee ID: ________________________________
  • Department/Team: ____________________________
  • Position/Job Title: _____________________________
  • Email Address: _______________________________

Time Off Details:

  • Type of Time Off Requested: [ ] Vacation [ ] Personal Day [ ] Sick Leave [ ] Other (Specify: ________________________)
  • Start Date: _________
  • End Date: _________
  • Total Number of Days Requested: _________

Reason for Request:

  • Reason for Time Off: ____________________________________________________________________________

Manager/Supervisor Approval:

  • Manager/Supervisor Name: __________________________
  • Manager/Supervisor Signature: _______________________
  • Date Approved: _________

HR/Administrator Approval:

  • HR/Administrator Name: ____________________________
  • HR/Administrator Signature: _________________________
  • Date Approved: _________

Additional Comments or Notes (if applicable):


Employee Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge that I have read and understood [Your Company Name]'s time off policy and guidelines. I understand that my time off request is subject to approval and compliance with company policies.

  • Employee Signature: _______________________
  • Date: _________


This template can be customized with your company's name, logo, and specific policies and guidelines. Employees can fill out the form, and it can be submitted to their manager/supervisor and HR department for approval.

Ask for time off easily

time off requests

When it comes to managing employee work time, requesting time off for various reasons such as vacations, sick days, and personal time can often be a complex task.

Unrubble is here to simplify this process and make it as smooth as possible.

Streamlined vacation request process

Unrubble's request management system handles all types of vacation requests. As such, it maintains efficient time off from work management, all while adhering to your organization's vacation policy.

Precise PTO tracking

Our PTO tracker is designed to offer pinpoint accuracy, efficiency, and real-time insights. It works without the risk of costly payroll errors. You can elevate your request planning, streamline employee time tracking, and enhance your overall management experience.

Effortless time-off planning

With this tool, you can effortlessly keep track of leave schedules, PTO balances, and more. It's time to say goodbye to double bookings and unexpected surprises. Monitor employee absences, manage PTOs, and generate reports with ease.

Seamless communication with HR

We simplify the request for time off and approval processes. Our tool lets employees easily make their requests while providing HR professionals with a comprehensive view of sick days, vacation requests, and compliance with the PTO policy.

Intuitive request management

Unrubble gives you an intuitive interface for submitting, tracking, and approving requests. You can manage employee time off anywhere and anytime using our web and mobile app.

Boost remote productivity

Get ready to unlock valuable insights into work-from-home trends, effectively track flexible work arrangements, and promote work-life balance with Unrubble's PTO tracking software. It's time to increase productivity, even in remote work settings.

Pick Unrubble for effortless time-off management

Making the switch to Unrubble is a game-changer. Your team will experience the difference right away, with automatic request submissions and approvals, real-time tracking, and seamless communication with your human resources department.

Stress-free setup

Unrubble is designed to be incredibly user-friendly from day one. With us, you can concentrate on what truly matters in your job.

Streamline your employee time management and leave tracking with Unrubble and witness the positive impact on your organization.

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time off request app

Wrap up

Just like any time off period, this article also has its end. 

We hope you found it insightful.

Equipped with our top tricks and the template, requesting some free time shouldn't be a problem for you anymore. 

And as for managing and accepting these requests from your employees, don't forget about Unrubble and try it for free!

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