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8 Top Lawyer Time Tracking Software for Your Law Firm

lawyer time tracking

Today, we want to talk about something that can make or break your law firm's success – time tracking.

Navigating the maze of billable hours, client meetings, and case deadlines can be overwhelming, right?

That's where the magic of lawyer-specific time tracking software comes into play. 

But which one should you pick? That's what we're going to help with today.

Are you ready to get to know the top 8 time tracking software solutions tailored just for you and your firm?

Let’s get your law practice ticking like a well-oiled machine.

Time tracking software for lawyers is a specialized tool designed specifically for the legal profession.

Let's break it down so you know what you can expect from a tool like this:

  • tailored for lawyers - this software is crafted with the unique needs of lawyers and law firms in mind.
  • track billable hours - one of its primary functions is to accurately track hours. Lawyers often charge by the hour, so it's key to record every minute spent on a case. This software makes sure no billable time slips through the cracks.
  • easy time entries - lawyers are busy folks. A time tracking solution helps with logging time entries, whether you're working on a brief, in court, or consulting with a client. Some apps even let you track time with a click or a tap.
  • accessible on the go - many of these tools come with mobile apps. As such, they make it possible for lawyers to track their time no matter where they are – in court, at a client meeting, or working remotely.

In a nutshell, this software type is a vital tool for lawyers. It helps keep accurate billing, improves efficiency, and maintains transparency with clients - all of which are key to a successful law practice.

Why should lawyers track time?

lawyer time tracking

Let's chat about why lawyers really need to keep an eye on their time.

It's super important, not just for them but for their clients too:

Billing and revenue generation

First off, time tracking helps lawyers bill accurately. It's like, if you know exactly how much time you've spent on a case, you can bill your clients fairly. This is vital because - let's face it - legal services aren't cheap.

Client transparency and trust

Then there's the trust factor. When clients see that you're transparent about how you're spending time on their case, they're more likely to trust you. It's all about showing them that you're honest and not just racking up hours.

Resource allocation and efficiency

Time tracking also helps in managing resources efficiently. Think of it like this: if a law firm knows how much time different tasks take, they can plan better. It's all about being smart with how you use your team and your time.

Project management

In the world of law, managing projects is a big deal. Time tracking helps lawyers stay on top of things and ensures that everything's moving along as it should. It's like having a roadmap for your cases.

Compliance and ethical consideration

This is a big one. Lawyers have to follow certain rules and ethics. Thanks to tracking time, they make sure they're compliant and above board. It's all about doing things the right way.

Performance evaluation

Time tracking is also great for checking how you or your employees are performing. It's like giving yourself a mini-report card. You can see what's working well and what needs improvement.

Cost management

By keeping track of time, lawyers can manage costs better. It helps figure out where they can be more efficient and save money. This is useful for keeping the business healthy.

Risk management

In law, risks are everywhere. Time tracking helps lawyers stay alert to potential risks in their cases and manage them better. It's like you have an early warning system.

Budgeting and forecasting

Lastly, when lawyers track their time, they can forecast and budget more accurately for future cases. It's about being prepared and knowing what's coming.

So, in a nutshell, time tracking is a game-changer for lawyers. It helps them in so many ways, from making sure they get paid fairly to keeping their clients happy and their business running smoothly.

Top 8 lawyer time tracking software apps for your law firm

So if you want to make use of these perks, you need a time monitoring solution for yourself.

We've compiled the ultimate list of the top 8 picks, just for you.

Check them out now:


time tracking for lawyers

First up, we have the best recommendation of them all - Unrubble. It’s not just a time tracker - it's a superhero for tracking and billing. Imagine a tool that captures all those billable hours without you having to lift a finger. Plus, it's user-friendly, so you won’t be scratching your head trying to figure it out.


  • Time tracking -  Unrubble's time tracking feature allows lawyers to carefully record every minute spent on a case, so no billable time is missed.
  • Work scheduling - this tool helps in organizing and planning daily tasks and meetings.
  • PTO tracking - we simplify managing personal time off, vacations, and sick leaves.
  • Timesheets tools - we enable the creation and management of detailed timesheets.
  • Mobile time clock - we offer the convenience of tracking time on-the-go,  which is perfect for lawyers who need to log hours outside the office.
  • Employee self-service app - this feature empowers you to manage your own schedules and time entries, which is perfect for effieciency and autonomy.

Why it's good for lawyers: Unrubble stands out for its intuitive approach to tracking hours. Lawyers can easily log time entries without disruption to their workflow. The app's user-friendly interface makes it simple to track time. As such, you can expect accurate billing and client transparency.

Pricing: starts at $0 per month.


timeular lawyer time tracking

Next, there's Timeular. This app is pretty cool for visual folks. It uses a physical device that you flip to start tracking different tasks – super nice, right? It's like having a time tracking tool and a cool gadget, all in one.


  • time tracking,
  • billable tracking,
  • automated tracking,
  • leave tracking,
  • budgeting,
  • insights.

Why it's good for lawyers: Timeular is unique because it features a physical device. This makes time tracking almost effortless. For lawyers who juggle multiple cases, this visual and tactile method simplifies the process of switching between tasks.

Pricing: starts at around $7 per month when billed annually.


Clockify lawyer time tracking

Clockify is a big name in the time tracking world. It’s super easy to use and lets you keep track of billable hours without any fuss. Plus, it’s got a handy mobile app, so you can keep tabs on your time, even when you’re on the move.


  • time keeping,
  • time reporting,
  • time management.

Why it's good for lawyers: Clockify is ideal for its simplicity and effectiveness. It allows lawyers to accurately track their time spent on various cases, even on the go with its mobile app. This ensures that every minute of billable work is captured, which is crucial for fair client billing.

Pricing: starts at $3.99 per user per month.


Harvest lawyer time tracking

Harvest is a relatively reputable time and expense tracking tool. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on both time entries and expenses. This makes it a breeze when it comes to handling billing. And the mobile app means you can do it all on the go.


  • time tracking,
  • reporting and insights,
  • invoicing and payments.

Why it's good for lawyers: Harvest excels in both time and expense tracking. For lawyers who need to manage not just their time but also case-related expenses, Harvest provides an all-in-one solution. This integration of time tracking with expense management streamlines the billing process significantly.

Pricing: starts at $0 per month.


Tmetric lawyer time tracking

If you're looking for a straightforward time tracker, Tmetric is your go-to. It’s simple, efficient, and gets the job done. Perfect for when you need to track time manually but don't want the hassle.


  • time tracking,
  • project management,
  • billing and invoicing,
  • reporting,
  • time off management.

Why it's good for lawyers: Tmetric is a straightforward and efficient time tracking app - perfect for lawyers who need a no-frills approach. Its capability to track billable time manually and its integration with other practice management software make it a versatile tool for legal professionals.

Pricing: starts at $0 per month.


Jibble lawyer time tracking

Jibble is all about flexibility. It’s a great fit if you’re looking for something that ties into practice management software. It’s like having a personal assistant keeping track of every second.


  • timesheet app,
  • time clock software,
  • attendance tracker,
  • work hours tracker.

Why it's good for lawyers: Jibble offers flexibility and detailed tracking, which is crucial for law firms focusing on accurate time and attendance recording. Its features cater well to the dynamic nature of legal work, allowing lawyers to track time across various tasks and cases efficiently.

Pricing: starts at $0 per month.


Buddypunch lawyer time tracking

Don't let the name fool you – Buddypunch is a serious contender in the best legal time management software race. It’s not just about punching in and out - it’s a robust tool for all your time tracking needs.


  • time tracking,
  • scheduling,
  • payroll features.

Why it's good for lawyers: Buddypunch is particularly beneficial for law firms that require robust and reliable time tracking. Its focus on precise time entries and easy billing makes it an excellent tool for lawyers who need to ensure every billable hour is accurately recorded and billed.

Pricing: starts at $3.99 per user per month when billed annually.


Everhour lawyer time tracking

Last but not least, Everhour is a gem for those who love integration. It syncs beautifully with other tools, making it a seamless part of your workflow. It’s like the missing piece in your time tracking puzzle.


  • time tracking,
  • reports and analysis,
  • billing and budgeting.

Why it's good for lawyers: This time-tracking software is great for its seamless integration capabilities. For lawyers who use various tools for case management, Everhour fits perfectly into their ecosystem, ensuring that time tracking is comprehensive and well-integrated with other systems.

Pricing: starts at $0 per month.

Other notable mentions include: Clio, Connecteam, Hubstaff

Any of these tools will definitely satisfy your needs as a lawyer when it comes to time tracking. However, we definitely recommend that, first and foremost, you consider using Unrubble. Why?

Unrubble is a game-changer for lawyers! It's super easy to use and really nails the specifics of what legal pros need. Imagine having all your billable hours tracked to the dot, and keeping up with all your meetings and deadlines without breaking a sweat.

Plus, it's got your back with top-notch security, because we know how important confidentiality is in your world.

Think of Unrubble as your personal assistant that makes sure you stay on top of your game without getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty. It's the perfect sidekick for any lawyer looking to make their day-to-day work a whole lot smoother.

Don't wait - try it today - for free.

lawyer time tracking app

So, there you have it – the lowdown on the best time tracking and billing software for lawyers.

Whether you're a solo practitioner or part of a bustling law firm, one of these tools is sure to fit your needs like a glove. 

Remember, tracking time isn't just about billing clients - it's about gaining insights into your practice, optimizing your workflow, and building trust with your clients.

And hey, why not start with Unrubble?

It's the ultimate sidekick for the modern lawyer – efficient, user-friendly, and secure. 

Get ready for accurate time tracking and billing. Track your time like never before with Unrubble.

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