Remote work.

How to comfortly work from home?

Check out how to ensure productivity and security of working remotely when using proper tools.

You can set up everything without ever leaving your home! Online via your favourite browser!

Start by building ideal schedule for your remote team.

Schedule for remote employees

Conflict-free work schedule will create a healthy work-life balance for your remote employees.

Also define proper overtime rules to avoid unnecessary understatements. Make it fully transparent for your staff.

Keep proper track of working hours of remote employees.

Make it available for all your remote teammates!

Time tracking for remote employees

Through a web browser.

On the phone and computer.

Timeclock for working from home

Through mobile app.

Available for Android and iOS.

Gain a full transparency between your whole remote team.

GPS tracking and photo log

Photos and GPS locations

Every event is marked with a GPS location and a photo - say bye, bye to buddy punching.

Notes for all time tracking events

Notes for all time tracking events

Add additional task notes to all identification events.

Set your own work statuses

Set your own work statuses

Define and set rules for your own additional statuses for eg. working on project, working on task.

Use an online leave tracker for your remote team.

Vacation planner for remote workers

Make all the right choices thanks to flexible and fully online leave tracker. Easily plan days off for your whole team.

Automate your company's workflows! Save time and money thanks to an online absence calendar.

How to work during quarantine? Not a problem!

We have prepared three dedicated employee request to help you automate your company's workflow:

Quarantine with Sick Leave - if your employee cannot do his or hers work remotely.

Quarantine with Home Office - if your employee can do his work remotely.

Home Office - in order to maintain full transparency in communication, your employee can request for a work from home permission.

Integrations with most popular payroll apps.

You can enable each integration with just one click and keep your HR data synchronized with Unrubble. Try our seamless integrations with QuickBooks Online, Square and Xero.

A list of our integrations is constantly being updated, we strive to perfectly fit an ecosystem of every company.

  • Unrubble integrates with QuickBooks
  • Unrubble integrates with Square
  • Unrubble integrates with Xero