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Do You Know These 23 Small Business Scheduling Tips?

Small Business Scheduling Tips

When running a small business, there is not a moment to waste. You must schedule every piece of time efficiently or risk wasting valuable time and money. These 23 small business tips will help you ensure that you don’t waste a moment.

Break your Day into Chunks

Chunking your tasks into specific blocks of time will make your day both easier and more organized.

Delegate Less Important Tasks

If you are prioritizing tasks, find those tasks that you are regularly choosing not to do. These tasks should most likely be delegated to someone else or given a much lower priority.

Focus on a Single Task

Do not multitask. Despite its constant use in small business scheduling, multitasking is not an effective way to save time. More often than not you will spend more time on both tasks or complete the task inefficiently.

Value Rest

Make rest time a part of your schedule. If you enjoy spending time on Youtube or Twitter, block that time off as part of your schedule. This helps ensure that you are not wasting time on these sites but are instead using them as part of a scheduled break.

Utilize Scheduling Technology

Use a high-quality SME (small to medium business enterprise) scheduling app like Unrubble.com to ensure that you are scheduling employees and tracking work hours with the greatest efficiency. Unrubble.com.com will ensure that you have perfect timesheets ready for payroll and will allow you to schedule your employees with a lot less hassle.

Empower Your Employees

Share within the team. Make sure that you are empowering employees to share their best small business scheduling tips. This brings a working group closer together and can reduce inefficiencies.

Set Daily Goals

If you are starting to get overwhelmed, set two to three concrete goals to accomplish during any given workday. Accomplishing those goals will give you the confidence to start tackling larger and larger tasks that need your attention.

Look at the Big Picture

You must ensure that you keep an eye on the big picture. Are you doing things that will ensure that your small business keeps growing? Sometimes you need to make sure that you are working from a broader perspective and are not getting bogged down in the minute details.

Reward Quality Work

Rewarding you and your team is very important. After a particularly good week, do not be afraid to take Friday afternoon off. The small reward can give you some extra time to recharge and rest, allowing you to attack the upcoming week with the same intensity that brought you your success in the current week.

Take Care of Your Body

Ensure that you are treating yourself well. Learning how to create an optimum small business schedule will not matter if you are not properly fueling your body and exercising to ensure that you are always working at one hundred percent capacity.

Keep a Notebook on You

If you are someone who requires a notebook to keep ideas organized, make sure you have a notebook or use a tool like Evernote to make sure you always have somewhere to record your most recent idea.

Balance Your Teams

Create a balance when scheduling employees. A mix of seasoned campaigners and less experienced newbies will work best, allowing all working groups an even amount of experience to ensure maximum productivity.

Keep Your Team Happy

Value work-life balance. Honor time-off requests from your team and ensures that you are valuing rest. Employees who feel respected and well-managed are much more likely to be happy and efficient in the long run. It will also give you a much better chance of retaining your employees, which is important to growing your business long-term.

Schedule to Match Needs

Understand your business. Know what times have the heaviest traffic and ensure that you are scheduling to match those needs. Understanding these needs will allow you to create a business schedule that matches those needs.

Value Your Energy

Protect your mornings. Morning is normally the most energized and focused you will be the whole day. Ensure that you are scheduling your most important tasks for the morning when you will be best equipped to handle them efficiently. Leave smaller, more mundane tasks like checking email for later in the day.

Create a Quality Routine

Ensure that you are developing a routine. Starting and ending your workday at specific times gives you set boundaries to work within and increases efficiency.

Track Your Progress

Create short-term goals to better track the progress of your business. If you are struggling to accomplish a goal within 90 days, you will know that this is a part of your business that needs attention.

Eliminate Workplace Distractions

Enforce no distraction zones, especially for meetings and high-focus tasks. You would be amazed how disruptive small phone notifications can be to a meeting if they are constantly going off and interrupting important conversations.

Chunk up Large Tasks

If a large project is starting to weigh heavily on you, start by completing the most simple step. Completing a small task will give you the momentum required to conquer the more intimidating part of the project.

Encourage Physical Movement

Adopt a stress relief routine for you and your workers that includes movement. Go for a walk at lunch, provide a gym within your business's facility or stretch right after lunch to give you a small energy boost to get you through the day.

Let Yourself Relax

Schedule time for yourself. When part of a small business, it is easy to get caught in the work constantly and never give yourself time to unwind and relax. If you do not schedule a time to unwind, burnout will become a concern faster than you think.

Create Role Clarity

Make sure that you are delegating responsibility and making everyone in the companies’ roles clear. So much company time can be saved by making sure no two people are doing the same job or working on a project separately without collaborating.

Know Your Leaders

Know your team. Know who you can trust to lead groups and the preferences of individuals to make sure that you are creating the most effective teams with your scheduling.

Being great at small business scheduling will ensure that your business is working at its full capacity. The use of tools like Unrubble.com and chunking time to make sure that you are working efficiently will improve workplace efficiency and speed up your business’s workflow.

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