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Facial Recognition: Enhancing Remote Work [Infographic]

How Facial Recognition makes Remote Work More Seamless and Less Distributed [Infographic]

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How Facial Recognition makes Remote Work More Seamless and Less Distributed

Remote Work Challenges, by 2025, 22% of the workforce will work remotely

Remote workers report being 22% Happier at work and 30% more productive and engaged.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, 47% of businesses say remote work is here to stay and 47% have experienced burnout.

Loss of work/home boundaries and longer hours create new challenges.

75% of remote workers share that they experience stress and burnout at work.

43% are more likely to work over 40 hours a week, 37% report working longer hours than they did previously, 22% find it difficult to unplug from their jobs.

Remote work can lead to disorganization - lowering productivity and increasing stress and burnout


Lack of organization creates frustration and stress, further impacting workplace wellbeing


Teams struggle with project management and experience project delays

Lower quality work

Lack of direction, leading to attention becoming scattered

Lost time

Feeling like nothing meaningful was done, despite a long or busy day


Distractions competing for your attention, making it hard to get tasks done

90% of Americans felt more refreshed after stepping away from their computer at lunch - They also had a more enjoyable workplace experience and higher productivity

The Benefits Of Automatic Time Tracking

The benefits of automatic time tracking

Time tracking can help employees:

  • Identify where their time is being spent
  • Track their long-term progress
  • Take breaks and time off appropriately
  • Prioritize what’s most important
  • Focus better while working
  • Organize their workday

For businesses, benefits of time tracking include:

  • Transparency into work processes
  • Increased accountability in employees
  • Understanding of your billing and operational efficiency
  • Knowledge where resource demand is the highest
  • Tracking where the budget gets burned

In the US, filling timesheets wastes $7.4 billion a day in productivity - just from workers forgetting to log their hours

Common Time Tracking Challenges

82% of managers are concerned that remote working may reduce employee productivity and focus

Employees spend up to 4 hours a week on unproductive tasks

  • 28% spend their time just checking and answering email
  • 53% spend 3 or more hours per day on non-work activities
  • 34% waste 2-5 hours a week on calls and meetings that achieve nothing

38% of employees still use traditional paper timesheets and punch cards in the US and 60% of companies with employees who work remotely are using monitoring software to track employee activity and productivity.

Time Tracking Tech


Simple note taking may work for small startups and businesses with few employees - where people arriving late will easily be noticed


Complete by either employees or supervisors, often using Excel or Google Sheets - inexpensive option but time-consuming for more than a handful of employees


Employees sign in by punching or swiping a card or use a RFID tag or QR code - simple and efficient for one location but become complex with remote employees

Biometric data

Fingerprint and iris scanners, and face recognition - verifies identity and time and eliminates need to keep track of key card


May be used to track delivery employees, door-to-door sellers, and others - often raises privacy concerns for employees

Remote monitoring

keystrokes, activity, and web cam monitoring keep track of working hours for remote employees

Facial recognition allows seamless time tracking, without distracting employees from their tasks or adding to your workload

Time tracking with facial recognition

  • Facial recognition anywhere and anytime
  • Anti-spoof detection: cannot be fooled by a photo, lookalike, video etc
  • Works on both Android and Apple devices, even old ones
  • Works via web browser
  • Backed by AI and ML

Facial recognition for time tracking allows a distributed workforce more time and less busywork.

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