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10 MUST have tools for Hotel Managers during the Summer

10 MUST have tools for Hotel Managers during the Summer

During the summer holiday rush, any establishment whether it be the humble Bed & Breakfast or massive motel chain will be looking for an extra hand or two to deal with the huge crowds of travelers. While simply hiring more staff is an easy way to better serve patrons, hotel management software also gives even the smallest of operators the option to find a tool that works for them and their business.

There are a lot of software offerings out there, so here is a list of hotel management software solutions to get you prepared.

Let’s take a look at what we have.

Work shifts management

This time management tool allows managers to substitute out the nightmare of those paper time sheets by turning your Smartphone or Tablet into a professional contactless punch-in card! Along with that the software also offers an almost instantaneous flow of online documentation, allowing you and your employees to access schedules and other data within seconds. With everything being able to be accessed online, this app stops your company having to deal with the time-consuming process of manual scheduling. Say goodbye to the pen and paper method! Full customer tech support guides will help you to navigate seamlessly through this highly intuitive app.

Human Resources management


Want to move away from spreadsheets to manage your human resources? Bamboo HR combines an easily customizable interface with many great functions to support your growing business. The pre-boarding feature makes it super easy to onboard new staff before they even start working. Once that’s done, just mark a person as hired, set up their workflow, and the rest is taken care of. Let your employees answer questionnaires to familiarize themselves with their future colleagues. The Deloitte-esque performance review system shows at a glance which employees are engaged vs those who may need some encouragement. The goal setting/tracking feature is also nice and simple, allowing managers to comment on employee progress, which in turn encourages frequent feedback and giving kudos.

Property management


Cloudbeds is an all in one property management suite containing six different tools created to help connect your property to hundreds of different channels through real-time two-way integration. The accounting features and overall digital capability let you do away with all the software needed to run your systems as well as the need for virtual servers which cost money each month, while the My Allocator channel direct system drastically decreases issues with over-bookings or discrepancies with rates.

Security workforce management


Here we have an end-to-end security system that doesn't just cover the basics but strives to advance the efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of the security world. The online portal contains permissions for guards, managers, and clients to cover all facets of your business with visibility where it matters the most. The mobile app is a complete solution for all on-post or on-patrol security with the ability to create customized reports, perform patrols or guard tours. You can also track staff and geofencing with the GPS location feature.

Mobile form development platform

Snappii Mobile Apps

If you're willing to put in the time, this is a fantastic piece of software. Snappii offers a robust library of different functions available on a smartphone or tablet and allows users to build their very own app that appears to be professional with a variety of different tools at your disposal. It integrates seamlessly with many common file formats, app users can simply upload their own PDFs, edit them and share. This is the app to use if you want to make a favorable impression on your visitors, save time, and capture all necessary data to do with your business using a mobile device.

Timeshare property management

Magna Timeshare Software

This piece of kit is for those especially operating timeshare accommodation. It has reports for absolutely everything related to timeshare and vacation club sales. See what tours are scheduled to arrive, who has arrived, what their status is and how many sales have been charged. It also calculates the commissions for your salespeople (including overrides) as well as commissions for tour bookers. It is even able to take out the deposit and gift charges! You will also love the ability to go online and pull up real-time information about employees tours.

Events management


Schedule and organize your staff with ease and speed for your events with this incredible tool. Do you have troubles with overbooking and staff not receiving updates in a timely manner? Cut out the time-consuming process of using excel spreadsheets and email. With Quickstaff, you will find a great solution that solves these problems and many others. This makes events management so much easier to navigate, schedule people, see who's working, who's declined, and who hasn't answered. Being able to invite people to work and events with a couple of clicks are the best part. All in all, this software is super user-friendly and very easy to adapt to different industries' needs. It is well worth the minimal subscription fee, and has should save you a lot of trouble when it comes to scheduling.

Project management


Without a proper tool that supports each team and department's ideal work process, managing multiple projects can quickly become cumbersome indeed. This software allows you to edit documents online, and approve them as well. It helps me to organize my daily tasks while also offering a checklist feature to track project accomplishment. It also helps you to apply custom workflows to specific projects and folders for better cross-team collaboration. Being easy to manage and simple to use, Wrike is a great tool to have in place of other unnecessary applications, allowing you to make use of one single platform for all projects your business currently runs.

Performance management

KPI Fire

While there is not a large number of tools for KPI monitoring out there, this is probably the only software product that combines the strategic plan and metrics with the projects. Input your strategic plan, then break your annual objectives down into department goals, team goals, and projects. The real-time project and KPI dashboards allow you to visualize your progress like a pro, drill down to as much in-depth information as you like. There are a number of different ways to enter data and track your KPI's, so everyone on your team can collaborate together in managing their workload. On top of all this, the software offers a daily email that gives you progress on your tasks and projects. No wonder its simplicity and ease of use makes KPI Fire a must have for growing companies

Computer Security


Teramind provides a user-centric security approach to monitor your employee's PC behavior. You will love the remote control, view, and set up triggers for employee actions. It really helps get to know what staff are doing on a daily basis. The feature of finding and blocking destructive activity, as it protects the organization from threats. Recording every action of the user is an awesome feature as it also improves employee performance. The reduction of security incidents is accounted for by providing real-time access to user activities, offering alerts, warnings, redirects and user lock-outs to keep your business running as efficiently as possible. Teramind streamlines employee data collection in order to identify suspicious activity, detect possible threats, and ensure industry compliance.

While all of these may require some level of training, you can decide for yourself which of these is right for you and get back to focusing on your operations.

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