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What is a business mission statement template?

A mission statement template is a document that is used to come up with a fast and memorable way of communicating the purpose, function, and goals of a business. This document is often part of the set of documents that accompany a business plan. It should be presented to all stakeholders as part of the company’s executive summary. It should include the mission and vision statements, the core values of the business and common goals of the company and its leadership.

When properly drafted, this document must serve the purpose of summarizing the business strategy of a particular company or organization. Mission statement templates can be used by small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofit organizations as well.

Content of a mission statement template

The mission statement template is supposed to contain the full description of what the organization intends to do. It is also supposed to have a detailed outline of how the organization plans to achieve its aims. Apart from that, a mission statement template must be clear when it comes to the purpose of an organization.

When properly drafted, a mission statement template should make it possible for anyone reading it to fully understand the offerings of an organization within half a minute or less. There are many people who might be interested in getting an idea of what an organization is about.

This includes the employees, managers, customers, and owners of the business. Community members can also read a mission statement when they want to understand the operations of a particular business in their community.

When drafting a mission statement using our mission statement template, you must focus on the elements that define what your organization aims to do and how it aims to achieve those goals. The mission statement should be as brief as possible. However, though it’s brief, it must cover every detail, and it must also be memorable.

There are some experts who recommend creating a tagline along with writing a personal mission statement template. It is also advisable to have a shorter and longer version of the mission statement. The shorter version is mainly meant for nonmembers of the business, while the longer version is for internal use. It is also advisable to use bullet points in your mission statement so that it can be easy to scan through.

Once you have downloaded our mission statement template, scan through it and identify the areas that apply to your business and the ones that don’t. We recommend that you only use the template as a starting point to create your own unique mission statement that covers your core values. Use this template to define the essence of what your organization represents and what makes it unique.

What are the benefits of a mission statement template?

The mission statement template free provides a guideline of the important points that should not be excluded from your effective mission statement. It is important to keep in mind that the mission statement is an important piece of writing that charts a road map for pursuing exceptional quality and values. These are things that will foster customer loyalty over the years.

A mission statement template also enables your company to have a guidepost that your employees can adhere to and refer to in times of crisis. This document also contains information that you can use to promote your business or organization and make it appealing to both customers and future employees.

Once you have our mission statement template, you can use it when creating marketing campaigns and as part of your branding. This will help you come up with quick, clear messages for your social media platforms. You must make sure you use it to come up with a message that is easy to interpret.

It can cover issues such as what happens in an environmental crisis, what you do to contribute to sustainable energy and more. A strong mission statement achieves the ultimate goal: showing your customers and the public what your north star is and that you're focused on more than business goals.

How to draft an effective company mission statement template?

Depending on what your business or organization does, you can work on your mission statement document with a small team of members.

You will need to research everything about your business and its competitors. You must never work on this document in isolation. By working on it as a team, you get to benefit from the input of others which will enable you to come up with a strong and effective message.

Including a few stakeholders in the process of creating a mission statement will therefore help you to come up with the best results. After you create the first draft, you can then put it through a review process where others who are not part of the team can take a look at it and give their input.

If you have ambitious goals, a compelling vision statement can help highlight those company goals and motivate your employees, all the while explaining to your target customers who you are and what you do.

Sit down and brainstorm as a team

Before you come up with your own mission statement, start by looking at mission statements from companies or organizations that are in the same field as yourself. This will help you to see what you like about their statements and what would be relevant for your own organization. While it might not be a good idea to copy, you can use other people’s mission statements to draw inspiration.

While brainstorming, come up with a list of keywords that will guide how you can create your mission statement. These are phrases that describe what your business does and how it aims to achieve its goals.

Think of what makes your organization unique

Think about your organization’s main purpose and how it’s going to function. What are the overarching goals that you want to achieve? Is it superior customer service, quality care for your team, an emotional connection with customers, or something else?

You must also think about the strengths of your organization and what sets it apart. What is it that you do as a team, what makes your human spirit unique? What products or services do you provide? Why does your organization matter? Finally, you will also need to think about how your organization makes a difference in the community, country, and globally.

In your creative process, think of your external audiences and the core belief you want to relay to them.

Some examples of companies that have great mission statements include American Express and Warby Parker.

Identify your clients

This is another important step that will help you to come up with an effective mission statement. You must first identify your clients or target audience. During this step, you can also think about the buyer personas. You must be able to understand how as an organization, you will be able to meet the unique needs of your customers.

How your organization interacts with employees

Come up with a description of how your organization relates to its employees. You must think of the best ways to respectively treat your employees as an organization. You can have audacious goals, but your entire company should understand this and align with it, before it even reaches a customer base.

The aim of the organization

While you are creating a mission statement, you must also understand what you are looking to benefit from the organization in terms of returns and advantages for the business owners. This is where you also look at the desired profits and how you intend to have a happy and productive workforce.

First draft

By considering all these factors, you will be able to create a short condensed version of a mission statement that best represents everything about your business. The paragraph should be no longer than five or six sentences and answer all the key business questions in one place.

The most powerful mission statements are very short, despite having a lengthy writing process behind them. A concise mission statement works much better than one that reads like a shorter book. Short statements help companies build connections with customers more easily.

Review and feedback

After you draft the first version of the mission statement, you must then send it to the employees and stakeholders so that you can get their feedback. You can also get feedback from your supplies and customers. By finding out how employees, stakeholders, and customers feel about your mission statement, you can make the necessary amendments, if any. This way, you will create a mission statement that best serves your organization and accurately represents it.

Final product

The final step would be to consolidate everything into one short mission statement. Ideally, it is recommended to have a company vision statement that is about 20 words or less. However, if you have a longer message, it is also acceptable. Your main focus should be on having a mission statement that is impactful. With time you can then work on making it shorter and punchier.

Once you are done with your business mission statement template pdf, you can share the final product with everyone using your website and also on your social media platforms. Look for other ways you can publish your mission statement to ensure that everyone sees it.

Once you publish the mission statement, keep track of all the places that you would have posted it so that you can go back and update it if you change it in the future. Your company values may change, the common theme of your business could evolve, and you may want to create a new, audacious statement that reflects your new core expertise.

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