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You’ve made it through the hard part, the gauntlet of interviewing and vetting, and now you want to extend an offer of employment to the candidate of your choice. How do you make the offer, and what do you include? This job offer letter template will ensure that you make a good impression with your offer and that you cover all of the necessary points in the process. There are other considerations to make, however, when developing your offer of employment letter.

Here’s a sample Job Offer Letter template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

The Job Offer Letter Template

Surely, it should go without saying that a job offer is an actual, extended offer of employment to the individual you hope intends to fill a vacancy. Whether via email or by phone, your intention should be clear. However, what can get lost sometimes, in the excitement of finding the right person, are the details. This is where a letter becomes crucial to make sure your potential employee is clear on exactly what the terms of the offer include such as the offer letter sample included in this post.

The offer of employment letter should include information regarding the title of the position being offered, a brief description of the responsibilities, the requested start date or instructions on how the start date will be determined, the anticipated work schedule and reporting structure as well as details about salary, benefits, vacation and paid time off, privacy policies if applicable, and termination conditions if necessary.

The Job Offer Experience

You want your new hire to be excited about joining your team, so your letter should reflect what you believe to be most attractive about the position or of the company. This means the tone may be different depending on your industry or company culture. You have room to play with tone and style so long as the details are all included. From the letterhead to the delivery, you can manipulate these variables to entice your candidate to say yes.

Rely on your HR manager and staff to know what exactly you can and cannot do in terms of offering a job. They’ve guided you through the hiring process, and they may have a few great ideas to make your candidate feel wooed. You want the best for your business, so do what it takes to seal the deal and hire only the best.

The Job Offer Negotiation

Some people will negotiate the terms of the offer before a formal offer letter, but others may wait until the formal offer letter comes to negotiate terms. Don’t let this catch you off guard or cause offense. You want a strong, capable employee, and this demonstrates their thoughtfulness. Be as honest as possible with them in any negotiation and be honest with yourself. If you have room to move concerning pay and benefits, then if the employee is truly the right fit for your company, make the necessary adjustments to get them on board.

Final Thoughts

A job offer letter from employer to employee should be professional, clear and concise, and thorough. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a simple job offer letter sample and turn it into something that exudes enthusiasm and creativity to the hoped-for employee. Be as specific as possible in the details of the offer and should anticipate any questions the candidate may have regarding the opportunity. Best wishes in your hiring endeavors! We hope this job offer template will help you in your process.

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