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5 Ways in Which Online Employee Scheduling System Can Save Your Time

5 Ways in Which Online Employee Scheduling System Can Save Your Time

Fortunately, keeping track of employee work time doesn’t have to be all chasing paperwork and building spreadsheets.  An online employee scheduling system consolidates every aspect of employee time tracking into a platform easily accessible from any mobile device or computer. Time tracking apps like are robust tools that include features like attendance management, clocking in systems, staff scheduling, leave requests, and much more. 

How does it work? Below we’ve put together the top five ways that online employee scheduling systems can save a manager’s time and energy.

1. Drag and drop scheduling

Creating schedules doesn’t have to be an unwieldy construction of paper and pen or Excel spreadsheets. An online scheduling system like the one from provides a simple, responsive drag and drop interface with numerous capabilities. Instead of spending time writing formulas and playing Excel Tetris with schedule blocks, an employee scheduling app allows for speedy creation of both fixed and flexible schedules. And rather than having to send out email blasts every time the schedule is updated, online schedule makers send out automatic notifications to employees that go right to their computers and mobile phones. It’s even possible to build in rules about overtime pay so that payroll calculation becomes completely automated.

2. Employee attendance, location, and time tracking

For a manager, keeping up with shift planning, remote workers, business travelers, and even regular time and attendance tracking can require immense amounts of time and communication. An employee time tracking app collapses this all into a single interface in which expectations, reminders, and performance data are available to both managers and employees. Time tracking apps can even turn ordinary phones and tables into time clock stations. Employees clock in and out by scanning a QR code, and each event is tagged with time and location information, as well as a photo. No more wasted time or worry checking in with remote workers and business travelers—everything a manager needs to know is updated automatically via the app’s time tracking system.

3. Streamlined leave requests

Paperwork slows everyone down, both in its creation and processing. With the leave management system of an employee scheduling system, leave requests can be completed online and accessed at any mobile device or computer. The app’s online request flow makes the process clean and transparent, without confusion or surprises. Both employees and managers are kept up to date with automatic notifications about the status of time off requests. And for even further time savings, the leave tracker automatically calculates the impact of sick, vacation, or paid time off into the overall payroll reports.

4. Generate reports

Speed up your reporting with an online work scheduler and time tracker app. Rather than spending time to finesse a spreadsheet into an easy-to-read report, time tracking software can generate both summary and detailed reports with the press of a button. View work time, breaks, absences, and overtime anytime on a mobile phone, or generate detailed breakdowns by employee or for the whole team.

5. Automated Payroll Calculations

On top of all the other work that goes into staff scheduling, absence management, and time tracking, there’s still the task of wrapping all this data into a payroll calculation. However, once you’ve let an online employee scheduling system handle all the schedule planning and time tracking, the payroll calculations become completely automated. These systems allow managers to set differentiation rules for overtime pay, hourly rates, breaks, and even early and late arrivals. The attendance tracking system then performs the calculation based on the actual time tracking data for each employee, and displays payroll calculations in real time. Thus, managers no longer need to spend time with a calculator or spreadsheet, and nothing comes as a surprise at the end of the pay period.

With all the benefits that apps like offer, who has time not to automate their scheduling and time tracking? Leave the tedious work to the app, and see how an online employee scheduling​ ​system can​ ​save​ ​you!

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