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Creative Brief Template [Free Download]

A creative brief template is a document that is used when working with marketing or advertising campaigns. This document serves as a map or guideline to be followed by members of the creative team. It shows the team where to start and how to proceed with the campaign. Creative briefs are created by the requesting party to define how they want their project to be run.

When a company wishes to hire another business to create advertisements, websites, promotional videos, they usually start with a creative brief. This document represents the wishes of the requesting company. In short, it is a guide used during the development of the marketing material.

Here’s a sample Creative Brief template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

Purpose of a Creative Brief Template

If you haven't worked on a creative brief before, it can be a little challenging to come up with one for the first time. That's where the creative brief template word template comes in. The creative brief template serves as a guide to show you the content that should be included in the creative brief. You can use a creative brief template to help you define clearly what you expect in terms of deliverables and the strategy for communication.

A proper creative brief template must inspire the creative team to brainstorm and develop the best ideas and effective communication strategies. This is why you must use a detailed template to ensure that the creative team is well informed and thoroughly understand the specific problem. After going through your creative brief, the design team must be in a position to come up with a creative and innovative solution.

Features of a Good Creative Brief Template

Creative brief templates are usually limited to 1-2 pages only. The document should be just long enough to outline the crucial components. Creative briefs must be created and completed during or before the design phase. A creative brief template clarifies the course of action to ensure that every creative deliverable will be made as per the strategy.

A creative brief template must be short to avoid boredom on the part of the designers. Most members of creative teams will not be too inspired if a creative brief document is too long. It's not fun to go through multiple pages trying to understand how to go about a project. Creative brief templates that are too long can hinder designers' creativity, which can result in mediocre projects.

Content of a Creative Brief Template

The free creative brief template must contain all the essential project components. For you to come up with an effective creative brief, include the following elements:

  • Your company description
  • The project summary
  • An explanation of your objectives
  • The target audience of the project
  • An outline of the critical deliverables
  • Details about your competitors
  • The details of the message, style, and context of the project
  • Timeline of the project
  • The budget of the project
  • A list of the stakeholders

You must include the above details when you are creative. Once you have addressed these points, be sure that you have created an informative and thorough creative brief.

How to Use a Creative Brief Template

To use the creative brief template, you must first download the template document. Once you have the creative brief template download locally in your files, it's best to rename it first before editing. You can then go through the document with your team and identify the appropriate questions for your given situation. Generally, the following are the questions that you will want to answer as you come up with your creative brief:

  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • Who is involved in the project?
  • Who is the project for?
  • What tasks need to be completed for the project?

You can either use the creative brief template on your own or together with the creative team. Collaborating with the creative team to make a creative brief has its advantages. Both of you get to understand the project, and when it commences, everyone will be on the same page. The creative brief template is therefore beneficial to both the customer and the creative team.

The Benefits of Using a Create Brief Template

There are many benefits to using the best creative brief template. During the definition phase of a project, you must communicate the problem so that the creative team can easily understand it. This is where the template comes in. This short document can help you to encourage the design team and furnish them with the necessary details about marketing, branding, and demographics. It helps lay a foundation for the creative team to develop high-quality deliverables for the customer.

Benefits to the customer

  • The customer will be able to clarify the objectives and the goals of the project.
  • There will be no assumptions; all the facts will be presented
  • This template allows the stakeholders to provide their input on the project
  • It helps the creative team and the customer to come to an agreement
  • This template enables the customer to have a reference point for assessment.
  • It holds the creative team accountable for the deliverables.
  • It serves as a yardstick for the success of the project.

Benefits to the creative team

  • It enables the designers to have the relevant background information for the project.
  • It displays the facts, insights, and vision of the brand.
  • It uncovers the personality, tastes, and values of the requesting company.
  • It shows buy-in by the customer.
  • It explains the project.
  • It helps prevent scope creep from happening.
  • It keeps every one of the creative team up to speed with the project
  • It offers criteria for assessment.

The free creative brief template pdf is an important document that helps to make a project flow smoothly. Everyone will understand what needs to be done, and it will be easy to assess whether a project has failed or succeeded.

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