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Document management system

Easier access to documents and trouble-free information flow!

Minimize the time you spend creating and cataloging paper documents. Fully automate the document management process and regain control over documentation in the company, all completely remotely!

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What is Document Management System?

The Electronic Document Management System is digitizing frequently printed documents, such as cost invoices, attendance lists, time-off requests or work schedules, with, e.g. PDF or Excel files. Thanks to digitizing and uploading documents to the Internet, the workflow in the company becomes possible 24/7, because it is carried out in the cloud, and documents can be printed, exported and sent in real time.

Of course, the easiest way to do this is to scan and upload documents to the cloud, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud Drive. Such an approach requires, however, to monitor the structure of the stored documents scrupulously. Can you imagine that each of the employees can surf freely among such a mass of materials in an unsuitable tool? After all, online drives weren't designed to be document management applications.

Let's be clear - just uploading scans to the cloud will NOT make the documentation flow process simply automated in your company.

Therefore, the question remains - how to better implement an electronic document flow system in the company?

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Document Management System. Available in the cloud.

Unrubble - Elektroniczna ewidencja czasu pracy i grafiki pracy

The Unrubble application is a response to the need to implement holistic document management solution in the company. Our software fully automates the management of internal processes related to lists of attendance, time-off requests, work schedule and business trips across your entire team. With Unrubble, a simple implementation is enough for an effective document management system to appear in your company.

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    Web browsers access

  • Convenient printing

    Convenient printing

  • Access for the team

    Access for the team

  • Access via mobile apps

    Access via mobile apps

  • Cloud based document storage

    Cloud document storage

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    Storage location security

Why should you choose Unrubble out of all document management systems?

Why is Unrubble the best document management software? With its user friendly interface it helps you organize your documents so easily that you don't even think about it. Get to know the key features of Unrubble:

Electronic Attendance List

No more recording start and end times and collecting signatures! Collecting paper records related to attendance lists is just a waste of space.

Mobile Work Tracker will give you full control over entries and exits from work, and because you can turn any tablet or phone into it, the implementation will not cost you anything.

Online Work Schedule

No more printing and giving away your work schedule! Stop using paper based documents that you’re not able to edit without printing and distributing again.

With just a few clicks, you are able to plan a work schedule for the entire month and provide permanent internet access to it for everyone in the company - also on mobile devices!

Electronic Leave Requests

No more calls, SMS and messages at different times! Reduce the waiting time for approval from supervisors to a minimum.

Now you can manage the record of Time off requests directly from your mobile phone and notify users real time. You gain a preview of the full leave request schedule of the entire company in one view.

Online business trip management

No more ambiguities and disturbed information flow! One tool where you can trace the course of the delegation along with versioning and change dates.

Now each employee can be informed by e-mail and SMS about the planned business trip while the rest of their team and their superiors will clearly see the goal for their business trip in the shared calendar.

Document management with Unrubble.

There are many document management systems, but only document management with Unrubble facilitates the daily work of each employee - all the CEO, accounting team and remote work employees will benefit from it. Online document management software ensures that all your documents will be available regardless of time and from any place from which it is necessary to view it.

Using Unrubble document management solutions guarantees that the process of entering documentation and storing the necessary data is not accidental, but fits in with the business processes of the entire company.

So don't hesitate no more - invest in your company's document management software to streamline processes and to increase control over how documents are processed in the organization.

Time tracking

Document management related to the presence of employees

Switch to transparent online attendance list. It contains all the required information, such as the employee's personal details, dates, times of entry and exit.

Stop wasting time collecting signatures!

  • Document management solution with which you can store data on working time,
  • handling matters related to the record of delays and overtime,
  • efficient management of withdrawals regardless of contracts and cooperation model,
  • 24/7 schedule preview from any device.
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Document management system related to business trips and time-off

A transparent overview of all application-related data for the entire company for the selected period. Simplify the settlement of vacation days and business trips in your company!

Do not waste any space for traditional paper storage!

  • 24/7 schedule preview from any device.
  • Wide possibilities of personalization of applications,
  • a simple system that allows employees to submit an application in an express time,
  • time savings and improved information flow,
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Unrubble integrations

Integration with financial books management systems and all the tools supporting the management of cost invoices

Automate the work of Human Resources Team and use the full potential of the document management software thanks to the possibility of full integration with the tools you already use in your company.

Spend an average of 16 hours a month on the development of your business, not on bureaucracy!

  • Integration with the most popular financial systems - QuickBooks or Xero,
  • dedicated integrations with the most popular HR and payroll programs, allowing you to supplement the document flow system with a full flow of invoices in the company.
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Why is the document management software suitable for your company?

Company documents is the bloodstream of every company. It is impossible to run a business without producing business documents, both due to legal regulations and in the face of cooperation with others - employees or subcontractors. Document storage is such an important aspect in companies that positions or entire departments are created responsible only for handling processes related to documentation - most often they are accountants or human resources. However, since we employ qualified employees who should be familiar with the flow and data storage, why a document management system in the company? As always, the answer can be one - money. "Okay, but document management software costs money, so I'm really just investing when implementing a document management tool" - that's your first thought, right?

Well, there are many savings that you can make by implementing a document management system. Read carefully as the most surprising savings can be found at the end of the list.

Let's start with how much time a time-related document management system can save for you.Let's start with the time-related one. In order to turn paper documents into digital documents, an employee must read, scan and organize documents in the existing document structure. This several-minute process should be multiplied as many times as the number of documents produced in your company. You think it's not enough? In a 10-person company, it is up to 40 hours a month, which is a quarter of your office employee's time. Annually, it is over $ 11,000 spent on an unproductive document workflow. Are you ready for such expenses?

Another saving is related to unnecessary printouts. Often, in order to accept the request, the employee has to print the document and give it to the supervisor for signature. Such a document must then not only be stored, but also first printed and often duplicated in a copy for the office. You know exactly how much you spend annually on printing paper, toners and equipment maintenance. According to research, the average American company spends as much as $ 1,200. This is a much smaller amount than a waste of an employee's time, but would you rather have it in your pocket and invest in the development of your business? I thought so.

Additional benefits will be brought by the abandonment of online cloud drives, such as Google Drive, in which you have probably stored your data so far. These drives are only free up to a certain amount of data - how long will you be paying for a tool that doesn't serve as data management software? Document management systems also give you much greater search capabilities, as well as freedom in the file format you want to upload. Multiple users may have access to one account and their activity will be signed with their name, while the drive does not always have this option. It is similar with file versioning. And can you be sure that you have access control when using a cloud drive? It takes so little to grant access to someone who shouldn't have access documents.

Last but not least, think about what in your company really generates the stupidest expenses. Every investment should pay you back, so you cannot say that the operating costs you incur are pointless expense. Meanwhile, mistakes made by you and your employees generate really ineffective and unnecessary expenses. How often do employees make mistakes when entering data? Do they fail to deliver documents on time, and what's the worst - lose them? Such situations will not occur with the document management system.

Bonus for those with European contractors! You probably didn't think about it, but data security can cost you too. In times of GDPR regulation, any European sensitive personal information that is not properly secured can bring you control and unforeseen costs. So make sure your European subcontractors' documents are secured in the cloud and not circulating unsecured as free printouts. Each document management system allows for much easier implementation of security protocols, which will allow you to avoid all security risks, which may turn out to be very expensive work.

Now it should be clear to you why a document management system is not so much an expense as an investment that will bring you a clear and measurable return. If you add all the comforts you get: real-time access, compatibility with workflow processes and security of your important documents, you should have no doubts that a document management system is what you need.

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