If you’re looking to boost your brand from the sales side of things, then our order form template will get you nicely on track. Whether you’re a small business owner, a solo start-up, or in charge of the sales department for your organization, keep reading to find out how our free, downloadable, customizable, and printable sales order form template can upsell your products or services.

What’s an Order Form Template?

As the name suggests, an order form is a document your customers use to request products from your business. Whether you’re a wholesaler, manufacturer, vendor, or retailer, customers buying in bulk need a quick way of letting you know which items they need and in what quantities. 

Besides requesting goods, customers can also use the order form to request services. For instance, if it’s a tech repair company, customers can use the order form to tell you the type and number of gadgets that need fixing. Or, if it’s a writing services business, customers can communicate details of the content they need via the form.

Now, as handy as an order form is, you’ll find our order form template to be even handier. That’s because it’s an order form that’s already crafted for you and almost ready for use. All you have to do is enter the relevant details to customize the form to your needs. We’ll explore the benefits of an order form later on, but in short, it helps you know what your customer needs in a quick and hassle-free manner.

What Does This Free Order Form Template Contain?

Before you start using our template to streamline your sales process, here’s what you need to know about what’s on it:

Your Company Details

It’s best that any order form you use aligns with your brand and looks professional. That’s why our order form contains room for your logo and company details, such as name, address, phone, and email. This information allows the customer to identify you easily, and this fosters trust.

Order Form Number

This gives the document an identity that can easily be traced when you want to retrieve it in the future. Each individual order gets a unique form number in line with record-keeping best practices.

Customer Details

The order form template also helps you record the customer’s contact information and address. This is useful if the products are to be shipped to the customer’s preferred location or when you need to clear up an issue related to the order with the customer.

Product/Service Details

Our order form template provides columns where requested items can be listed in an organized format. The information in these columns also includes the item name, description, quantity, and prices. All this information helps to further clarify what the order is all about.


There’s also a section for any additional information related to the order. For instance, if there are any complicated items, you may need to know the technical specifications to get a better handle on what the customer wants. You can also use this section to add the terms and conditions associated with the order.

Authorized Signature

A customer’s signature on the order form indicates that they agree with the information it contains, which is legally binding. This can help you avoid disputes since a signature is evidence of a clearly defined agreement.


Again this is important should you ever want to trace the document. Additionally, if you organize your records based on time periods, you’ll easily identify the form in the future. Also, you can refer to the date when compiling sales reports or checking the time the items were requested so that you can plan your delivery timetable. 

Additionally, the template contains a “Thank you” message, which is adds a personal and warm touch to the entire document.

Benefits of Using This Template

An order form is an everyday document that helps many businesses to run smoothly. Besides streamlining your sales operations, it also saves time and hassle. Here are more benefits associated with incorporating a customized order form into your business workflow:

Suitable for Many Purposes

Because you can get it as a free order form template word document or convert it to an order form template excel document, it’s quite easy to come up with different types of forms. This is useful if you’re using the same template for more than one department in your organization.

Improves Efficiency and Saves Time

As mentioned earlier, if you need more than one type of order form, then starting with a template can help you save time. The template is easy to fill in and customize. For instance, you can quickly develop a wholesale order form template for customers who want to buy your services or products in bulk.

Boosts Your Professionalism

Brand alignment is not just a buzzword. It simply means that every part of your business needs to conform to the image you want to project - including your order forms. A smartly crafted order form with your logo on it helps you to look more professional with little effort on your part.

Keeps You Organized

Collecting information about incoming orders is quick and efficient if you have a template on hand. The information doesn’t strictly have to be about a specific order. You can also use it to collect feedback that helps you know which processes are appreciated by your customers and which ones need improvement.

Final Words

The purpose of our order form template is to ensure you can properly manage requests for your merchandise or services. It can be customized and helps you save you time since you don’t have to build an order form from scratch. Start now with this premade order form template to ensure a seamless collection of your orders.

Here’s a sample Order Form template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

Download your FREE Order Form Template In .doc Word format

Download a FREE Order Form Template in PDF format

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