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In any business you find yourself in, a sales contract template is simply one of the best time savers you can have. As you find yourself growing in your field and taking on more clients, you easily start to notice how tedious writing new documents can be, but you might also notice some similarities while writing them.

Here’s a sample Sales Contract template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

What is a Sales Contract?

From international sales contract to a contract of sale of goods, a sales contract is a familiar face that has taken on many different names in the world of business. Now, while there might be slight differences, the major similarity is that no matter where you are the sales contract is seen as the backbone of any sale. You can look at this contract as a legally binding handshake because if anything goes wrong or you feel that your expectations are not being met then you can always go back to the contract and use it to defend yourself.

For any sales contract to be worth the piece of paper which it has been written on then — at the bare minimum — it should identify what goods are sold, how the goods should be delivered, an inspection time period, and a warranty period, and the most interesting thing about these details is just how uninteresting they are. This is because as you begin to write more sales agreements you might find yourself writing the synonyms of the same words and before you know it, you are muttering to yourself, “There has to be an easier way of doing this,” and you will not be wrong.

Why Use a Sales Contract Template?

The easiest answer to this question, instead of creating a new document for every sale, is that — much like with any template — it is an obvious time saver. A good template should be a fun game of fill in the blanks. Every time you need to draft up a new sales contract, you should simply open the template and fill in the details that are relevant to that sale and once you have done that, the document would complete.

A good sales contract template should already have the following details:

1. Terms of Payment

At the very least, this part of the document should include how much the client is going to pay and when the payment is due. However, when dealing with different businesses, there might be slight changes. Therefore, you might find yourself adding details such as, if the client is going to pay in installments, how they might be paying, if there are any mutual agreements in place, etc.

2. What Will be Delivered

This part of the sales agreement template includes when the goods are meant to be delivered and what course of action is going to be taken if anything happens to the goods while they are being delivered. This leaves you only spending a few seconds filling out the date because these other details will be fixed.

3. Inspection

This is the part of the document which acts on the business policy on buyer satisfaction and how your business should react to such a claim. Once this section has been finalized, you would never need to rewrite it again because it should be fixed, saving you a crucial amount of time.

4. Warranties

This part of the document will deal with whatever warranty clause your business has. Much like the inspection part of the document, once the details of the warranty of your business have been decided then you would not need to change it.

From this we can see how fixed sales contract templates are because what could have taken you upwards of an hour to document will now take minutes once you have filled in the dates, prices, and a few additional details relating to the buyer.

Do Not Forget

This free sales contract template is a document that allows you to do more in the same amount of time however it is not set-in-stone, and you should be careful when you are using it. Different buyers have different needs and different agreements with your company and, because of this, there might be nuances depending on the client. No template is the full solution and just as nothing is stopping you from taking out clauses that you feel are not important for a particular sale, you should also not hesitate to add clauses that you feel protect yourself and the buyer.

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