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A cover letter is considered an integral part of any job application. It works in accordance with a resume to portray what aspects of your employment background and skill set make you qualified for and capable of the position available. While a resume has a tendency to appear bland and solely informative, a cover letter gives an applicant the opportunity to engage the reader and reveal a facet of who they are. Given the significance of a cover letter within an application process, it is no surprise that there is an inherent need for a cover letter template word document that offers insight into the format of a cover letter. Along with this attribute, the template type provides an example of the overall tone and content that should be contained within a cover letter.

Here’s a sample Cover Letter template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

The Importance Of The Cover Letter

The professional cover letter template provided outlines the key points of concern within any cover letter, no matter the content. It simplifies it to alleviate some of the complexities that a cover letter can present. In this way, this template type is a simple cover letter template that minimizes the need to overcompensate with irrelevant information, and reinforces the idea that these documents should be straight-forward and to the point.

It should be reiterated that there is a common misconception that the more ways that you validate yourself within a cover letter, the more qualified you will seem for the position. No employer wants to read multiple pages in order to determine if the candidate is qualified for the job in question, so quality of content as opposed to quantity should be of primary concern. Determining what is pertinent and necessary to include and what would be excessive will be of paramount significance when constructing any cover letter.

In accordance with revealing the amount of content suggested within a cover letter, this template type offers insight into the overall tone and context of the document itself. Within this cover letter template, there is a defined balance between casual informality and professionalism. This balance should be strived for in any cover letter to be perceived as genuine and sincere by the reader.

Customization Is Key

Given that this template type is rather standard and vague, deeming it an effective outline will be contingent on the personalized content inputted within the parentheses. This is only a generalized layout of a cover letter, so it should be adapted and customized to better suit the content included. In this way, it is best to elaborate on the key aspects of any cover letter to ensure that they are integrated within the content of the template.

Upon constructing a cover letter for an employer, it is best to determine the actual individual that you need to address it to and their relation to the company as a whole. Personally addressing this specific person will make it appear to be more informal and reveal that you invested the time to figure out the proper channels of correspondence. All of this information will be inputted within the top header of the cover letter template.

The Body Of The Letter

The body of any cover letter gives the employer the opportunity to gain insight into the candidate, and understand the reasons why their personal experience and skill set makes them qualified for the position. The main focal points that should be addressed throughout the body of this template type are as follows:

  • Specific position or role being applied for and how it was discovered.
  • Any references and mutual contacts that resulted in this application.
  • Reasons why there is interest for this specific position.
  • Abilities, talents and skill set relevant to position.
  • Past work experience that contributed to skill set and is pertinent to position.
  • Any additional rewards or quantifiable successes that would be of interest and relatable to this position.

Integrating all of these primary areas within this template will ensure that the employer can determine that the applicant is qualified for the position.

Although most of these main points are self-explanatory and not difficult to integrate, it can seem challenging to decide what experience and attributes should be mentioned, and which ones do not pertain. Any educational background relevant to this job or conducive to a necessary skill set should be addressed. The amount of time with actual experience working in the same field and general level of expertise with the job requirements should be touched upon as well.

Given that the majority of skill sets and aptitudes relevant to any specific job position are generalized and common in a variety of different positions, it is essential to shed light on facets of your experience that stand out. One optimal way of doing this would be to include any quantifiable successes that were a result of your own work ethic and contributions to a company. Inform the reader the ways in which your expansive skill set and talents resulted in tangible progress and growth of the business as a whole.

Concluding Your Cover Letter

In the conclusion portion of the cover letter, the paragraph should consist of informalities that express hope for future interactions, as well as an openness to providing further information in regards to the claims in the body of the document. The employer should be thanked accordingly for considering the applicant for the position. Any information regarding how the candidate will follow up for an interview or provide the opportunity to speak in depth about the areas touched upon would also be stated here.

Upon expanding on the key points of any cover letter, it is clear why this specific template type is the perfect example of what content this document should contain. Although the content of any cover letter will always vary, it can be easily inputted into this format to simplify the outline, as well as to provide a foundation for which this document can be constructed and built upon.

In conjunction with offering insight into the suggested content included within, this template type sheds light on the overall tone that should be sought out when writing this document. Given the dull, insincere tendency of sole professionalism and the ways in which too much informality can be perceived as lacking credentials and proficiency, it is imperative to find a balance between the two when constructing a cover letter. This template serves to provide an example of this balance of tone and a means of how to execute it.

Taking all of this into consideration, this is the best cover letter template available given its integration of all of these focal points with the attributes considered effective where cover letters are concerned. Overall, it simplifies the format and content of this document in a way that makes it appear less daunting than is normally anticipated, thus making it an easier endeavor to produce one that serves its intended purpose.

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