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No matter how big or small your fundraiser, party, workshop or any other company event is, it never hurts to use a detailed event proposal template to make sure it’s a success!

That’s because, in addition to the expenses involved, events can also involve a ton of stakeholders with conflicting interests. Not only that, but event planning can require a lot of time on behalf of you or your team, so you want to make sure that they think of everything ahead of time to reduce the risk of going over budget.

Here’s a quick look at the purpose of an event proposal, the benefits of using an event proposal template, and how you can successfully use one ahead of your next big event.

Here’s a sample Event Proposal template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

What is the purpose of an event proposal template?

An event proposal template is a basic document outlining suggested plans for an upcoming event. The idea is that the event organizer should prepare this document for the event’s sponsor, and then the sponsor can review the document, sign off on the budget, and give any additional feedback.

A compelling event proposal showcases that the organizing team has extensive event experience and that they're an expert in the event planning process.

The information included in the document can be anything from what the schedule of planned activities is to what the guests will be served for lunch. While it may not be necessary for this document to be overly detailed, it should at the very least provide a basic picture of what the sponsor can expect in terms of activities, headcount, food/beverages, budget, and location.

An event management company can benefit the most from an effective event proposal. They can use it to give the event overview, lay down their marketing strategies for promoting the event, or just provide details about their event planning services. The same applies for in-person events and virtual events.

Benefits of using an event planning proposal template

For event planners who want to make sure their potential clients are happy and that each corporate event is a successful event, here are the benefits of using an event planning proposal template. These templates typically cover many different categories of events too.

They help organizers plan and think through everything

Instead of the event sponsor and organizer coming together in a meeting to plan the event from scratch, an event proposal template can help the organizer make sure that they have thought through everything ahead of time.

They can identify any potential gaps in what’s needed to successfully host the event, and they can easily see potential barriers that may come up during the planning process with the sponsor. The prospective client can rest assured that the organizer has experience with previous events and that they can bring a vision to life without breaking the event budgets.

They give all parties involved a clear overview of what to expect

When everything is laid out in an event proposal template doc, all parties can get a clear idea of what to expect. They can easily know the budget, how many guests will attend, what types of food will be served, and the general timeline of when the event will take place.

By managing these expectations ahead of time, both organizers and sponsors are much less likely to be hit with last-minute changes or requests. The organizer can bring the event to life and maintain the event vision with a detailed plan of action.

All the event stakeholders can make sure that the event success is inevitable and that the event program will go according to plan and fit in the budget.

They allow you to get over any hiccups ahead of time

Hiccups or changes are inevitable and they happen even to the best event companies. However, as long as you submit an event proposal template at the very beginning of the planning process, you can ensure that you will have plenty of time to overcome any barriers or challenges that come your way.

By anticipating and planning for this, you’ll be in a much better place to manage expectations and see your event ideas through. The perfect event proposal leaves no room for interpretation.

Best Practices for Using Your Free Event Proposal Template

  • Be upfront and honest – Whether it’s the budget or the headcount, you need to be honest about your expectations. It may be tempting to quote something under budget; however, you must be realistic if you want to prevent any problems down the road. If something is more expensive than you thought it would be, simply outline it in the proposal, and the sponsor can have a say in how to overcome it. Not even the best event management skills can save you if the week before the event, the organizer realizes that the event concept cannot fit into the budget.
  • Do your research – when filling out your business event proposal templates, make sure to do your research and get confirmation from any external parties or vendors ahead of time. For example, you do not want to give a quote for a caterer on a specific date without double-checking that they have the capacity and availability to do what you need them to do. A well-crafted event proposal includes essential elements, such as client testimonials. By including examples of satisfied clients relevant for the proposal recipient, you ensure that the potential client signs immediately.
  • Make the next steps crystal clear – after reading your event proposal, the sponsor of the event should immediately know what they should do next. Do they need to send confirmation of your proposal via email? Or should they set up a call with you to talk it through? Whatever the next steps are, make sure to outline them at the end of the proposal. And if you don’t hear back? Don’t be afraid to follow-up as many times as necessary to ensure your event is executed on time and as planned. The typical event proposal is a comprehensive document and the potential client can feel confused after finishing. Give them a simple call to action instead of a detailed list of items they will not understand.

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