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A daily schedule template isn't a fancy document used to create the impression of being organized. Instead, it's a great tool that keeps a business and its people on an efficient path leading to more profits. That’s because if you are running or managing a business, scheduling is absolutely essential.

In workplace administration, and as you evaluate your progress or your business's entire progress, you need a way to monitor tasks and measure performance. The template type or daily schedule sample above can help you do this by letting you know what tasks should be done and when. When you look back, you can then see what tasks were completed and which ones weren't. It can become quite handy if you are short on time or don't know how to make a daily schedule.

Here’s a sample Daily Schedule template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

What is a daily schedule?

To adequately explain what a daily schedule template is, you have to have a total understanding of the meaning and usefulness of this document. In simple terms, this document is useful for creating a detailed list of activities, tasks and meetings and what time they are taking place. Within the notes section of the template, you can also include where the tasks should be done, with who. If they are meetings, you can also indicate where they are being conducted.

Those lists you would have created for each day are what make up a schedule. Having a daily schedule template will help you plan adequately and get a better grip on your time. It also ensures that you meet all your daily targets on each day of the week. The daily schedule format on this template is simple, easy to follow, and gives you great results when you use it to manage your schedule.

Why a daily schedule template is important?

From its purpose, you can start to see why a daily schedule is crucial when conducting work or business-related tasks. This schedule can be the difference between your progress and regression. If you are going to be productive, you need to have direction, and a straightforward way to do this is by using a well-structured daily schedule. This will give you a defined trajectory of how you do things. Without such aid, it can also be challenging to measure progress and know what areas need to be improved as far as time management is concerned.

Below are some of the reasons why you should have an example daily schedule template to follow:

Organized Structure

Making use of a daily schedule gives businesses an organized structure. An organized system is a crucial ingredient to your success and progress if you run a business. Your workers will know what tasks need to be done and when. With the daily schedule format you will be using, it becomes clear who should undertake which tasks. Therefore, there will be fewer time management mishaps in the workplace. If you intend to scale up your business, you must have a well-cut out structure and sequence of doing things.

Stress reduction

Are you familiar with specialization and division of labour? Running your business with a daily schedule will help you do this effectively. This will significantly reduce daily stress in the workplace. A schedule will enable the proper delegation of responsibilities, and also, the people who would have been assigned tasks will know in advance what to do and when. That means no last-minute discoveries or nasty surprises, which might cause confusion, or worse, tarnish your image as an organized entity.

Time Management

The importance of time management in a work environment can never be overemphasized. Failure to manage time can lead to several problems, one of them being slow service delivery which will eventually lead to customer dissatisfaction. While most of your customers might not come forward to lodge complaints, many of them will switch and start patronizing other businesses. This means you might not even have a clear picture of why your business will be failing at the end of the day. Therefore, using a daily schedule template will help you tackle this problem and move your business forward.

Why you should switch to digital work time management

While a daily schedule template is important, you might want to think more along the lines of going digital. Hardcopy templates are quite difficult to synchronize with others in the workplace, and there can be a lot of errors and misinformation as a result. For instance, in a workplace environment where you have limited meeting/conference rooms, you might find that it's possible to have double bookings where two people have to use a meeting place simultaneously. This is because a hard copy template will only let the owner know what's supposed to be done but won't alert others of the plan.

With the right scheduling platform, you can avoid all this drama and boost your workplace's efficiency, which will eventually boost customer satisfaction and, hopefully, profits. One example of a reliable daily scheduling platform is Unrubble.com. This platform allows you to schedule appointments, tasks and meetings through an online portal. It also comes with business and calendar management capabilities to stay on top of things in the workplace. It features functionalities like work time tracking, work schedule making, leave management and business travel management.

The advantage of using such a tool is that it has some automated features. For instance, it can send you reminders that help you stay alert and more aware of what you should be doing and when. Work is stressful, and it's possible to forget even to check your schedule. It is, therefore, quite crucial that you be notified anytime you have to do something.

A digital work schedule maker will also tackle the problem of human error. Mistakes are quite common in the workplace. For instance, a staff member can jot down incorrect contact details or schedule a client for the wrong time slot. This can all be quite embarrassing and can result in dissatisfied clients, which is very bad for business.

Here's the good news, it's easy to avoid or at least limit human error when you use the right systems. An online scheduler will automatically add appointments to employee calendars and send notifications in time as well. This results in fewer errors and, therefore, better service delivery.

What can you achieve using a work time tracker?

You can keep track of business working hours and check out the breakdown of work hours for all your employees. This helps decrease employee lateness since you can quickly pinpoint when an employee came late and when they left earlier than they were supposed to. You will also be able to track and easily breakdown your staff's overtime and work time. All this functionality is only possible in a digital scheduler like Unrubble.com. Using a manual template, you can only plan tasks or have your employees plan their own tasks. Tracking time is impossible with a word document, and it can also be easily edited or altered.

Work schedule maker

A work schedule maker from Unrubble.com enables you to assign employees the most appropriate schedule, much like a text-based version of a work schedule template. You can copy schedules, drag them and reassign shifts and tasks to other people. The system will then notify the relevant employees of any changes soon after publishing them. You can also assign jobs and tasks to employees as they come without contacting them or looking for them. The jobs can be assigned together with notes like locations of meetings and what to bring. The most impressive feature about this system is that each time a shift is modified; email notifications are sent to the team. This, therefore, keeps everyone updated, and there will be no missed appointments due to improper relaying of information.


If you ever feel there isn't enough time to do everything, you are certainly not alone. A lot of businesses and individuals would like to have more time on their hands. With one of the biggest time wasters in the workplace being a lack of focus, you can stay on track by having a daily schedule template.

Additionally, you can save a lot of time and hassle when you ditch the pencils and go digital. This will give you more time to work, grow the business and handle customers.

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