Our goal is to help you focus on what's important!

Everything we do always starts with a simple idea - to bring the necessary tools for your team to better cooperate and make informed decisions. We provide them with an all-in-one integrated solutions like time tracking, scheduling, PTO tracking and business trip management. In short, we give them a hassle-free workforce management suite!

But how exactly are we going to do it?

Our solutions are meant to simplify day-to-day employee management processes for your whole team. Organizations of all sizes receive insights into their workforce and thanks to it they can make informed decisions on how to create error-free schedules or plan PTOs and vacations. Real-time reports gives them an on-demand access to all time related data like overtime, and work hours.

  • Seguimiento del tiempo de trabajo de los empleados

    Una manera sencilla de controlar las horas, las horas extras, los retrasos y las ausencias.

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  • Programación de empleados

    La MEJOR manera de pasar un 80 % menos de tiempo planificando a tus empleados.

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  • Gestión de permisos en línea

    El software más sencillo para controlar y gestionar las ausencias, vacaciones, bajas por enfermedad y tiempo libre pagado de tu equipo.

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