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9 Best Leave Management Software for Businesses

9 Best Leave Management Software for Businesses

Managing time off for employees can be tricky and takes a lot of time.

But, there's a type of app called leave management software that makes this job much easier. 

This software lets employees ask for time off online, and then managers can say yes or no to these requests.

It keeps track of all kinds of time off, like holidays, sick days, and personal days, in a simple way.

Today, we've gathered nine solutions that you can use to manage any type of leave in the workplace.

What is leave management software and how does it work?

Leave management software is a digital tool designed to streamline the process of handling leave petitions within an organization. 

It serves as an absence management system that allows employees to submit a leave request online, which managers can then review and approve or decline. 

This software solution automates the tracking of all types of time off, such as vacation, sick leave, and personal time off, making it easier for companies to manage leaves efficiently. 

Through using leave management software, businesses can maintain accurate leave records, reduce paperwork, and improve the overall workflow related to managing absences. 

This helps in having a balanced work environment where both employees and managers can easily keep track of leave and absences without any confusion.

The nine best leave management systems in 2024?

Want to grab a leave management tool but have no idea where to get started? Here are some of the best choices out there.


leave management software

Unrubble is a top-notch leave management system designed to simplify the process of managing various types of leave, including PTOs, WFHs, vacations, and business trips. It aims to streamline request management with efficiency and real-time insights, minimizing payroll errors.

Top features:

  • Customizable policies
  • Leave requests and approvals
  • Integration with other software
  • Real-time leave balance tracking

Who is it for?

Unrubble is suitable for teams of all sizes, aiming to provide a flexible solution that fits into any workflow, especially beneficial for companies looking for a tailored leave management system.

Pricing? Free to begin with.

Free trial? Yes, Unrubble offers a free start, with no credit card required and no hidden fees. This makes it easy for companies to try the software.

Why Unrubble is the best:

  • Customizable to fit any workflow - Unrubble stands out because it can be tailored to match the specific needs of any team or company.
  • Efficient leave management - with automated leave requests and approvals, Unrubble minimizes the time spent on managing absences.
  • Real-time insights - Unrubble provides up-to-the-minute information.
  • Seamless integration - it easily integrates with other software systems, such as payroll and HR platforms.
  • User-friendly interface - both employees and managers benefit from its intuitive design.
  • Cost-effective - offering a free start option, Unrubble is an affordable choice for companies looking to implement a leave management system without a significant upfront investment.

Comprehensive support - with a focus on customer satisfaction, Unrubble provides excellent support and resources.

leave management app

Zoho People

leave management system

Zoho People is an HR management platform that includes a comprehensive time-off management tool. It simplifies leave tracking and calculations. 

It allows for the creation of PTO policies, management of holidays, and much more. All within a user-friendly interface.

Top features:

  • Customizable policies for different locations and job roles
  • Mobile applications for leave requests and approvals
  • Multi-location time off and holiday management
  • Insights with Bradford score for managing absenteeism

Who is it for?

Zoho People is ideal for organizations of any size that require a relatively robust HR solution with customizable time off management features.

Pricing? Starting from €1.25 per user per month

Free trial? Yes


leave management platform

Connecteam is an all-in-one app for managing employee time off that provides a unified dashboard for leave, absence, and other policies,, and the ability to track balances easily from anywhere.

Top features:

  • Unified dashboard for all leave requests
  • Quick automation to avoid errors and ensure compliance
  • Easy policy creation and management for any kind of absence
  • Mobile access for managing and updating time off balances on the go

Who is it for? 

Connecteam is for companies of all sizes, especially those with remote teams. It'll be efficient for those looking for a way to manage time off requests and policies.

Pricing? Free to begin with

Free trial? Yes


leave management tool

Timeular offers an effortless, smart, and secure solution for tracking and managing all types of employee time off. This includes paid time off, sick days, and vacation time - in one place.

Top features:

  • Unified time tracking and PTO tracking within a single tool
  • Individual leave-type quotas for easy adherence to PTO policies
  • Leave statistics and team timeline charts for streamlined PTO process management
  • Simple PTO request process for employees

Who is it for?

Timeular is used by both small businesses and large enterprises looking for comprehensive PTO tracking software that simplifies the management of employee time off.

Pricing? Starts from €6.30 per month when billed annually

Free trial? Yes


leave management app for businesses

Kissflow provides a comprehensive leave management solution designed to automate approval processes for leave and manage absence efficiently.

Top features:

  • Automated validations, balance updates, and one-click visual reports for real-time employee leave of absence requests management
  • Customizable leave policies and easy policy compliance
  • Streamlined approvals with automated workflows accessible from any device
  • Integration with payroll systems for error-free leave balance and accrual calculations

Who is it for?

Kissflow's leave management system is for HR teams seeking to fast-track approvals, improve transparency, and eliminate payroll errors through a customizable and automated leave management process.

Pricing? Starts at $1,500/month

Free trial? Yes


leave management platform for businesses

Workday Human Resource Management software offers comprehensive solutions for managing and tracking your workforce, including any leave type and leave tracking, with a focus on adaptability and growth.

Top features:

  • Global workforce management with complete worker and skills profile management
  • Flexible organizational structures and modeling with agile compensation management
  • Central administration of benefits and experiences tailored to employee needs
  • Support for all types of workers, including full-time, hourly, contingent, gig, and contract workers

Who is it for?

Workday is suitable for organizations of all sizes looking for a scalable and flexible HR management system that supports a diverse workforce and provides detailed insights into employee growth and development.

Pricing? For pricing details, it's necessary to contact the sales teams

Free trial? No


leave management software for businesses

Calamari Leave Management is an HR software solution made to streamline the process of managing employee leave requests. It offers a transparent and efficient system for handling various types of absences, including PTO, sick leave, and vacation time.

Top features:

  • Web and mobile app access for requesting time off with options for absence type, substitutes, and comments
  • Transparent leave balances show days or hours left and their expiration
  • Team availability views for planning projects and work time around absences
  • Centralized management for distributed teams with support for multiple languages and calendars

Who is it for?

Calamari is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for a flexible and efficient tool to manage leave requests, especially those with distributed teams or needing support for multiple countries.

Pricing? Starts from $1.7 per user per month with annual billing

Free trial? Yes


leave management system

Timetastic is a straightforward and user-friendly platform focused on annual leave approval and employee management. It eliminates the need for paper forms and spreadsheets, providing a central record of absences for better planning and management.

Top features:

  • Mobile and web access for easy leave booking
  • A wallchart for a clear view of who’s off and when
  • Personal calendars for employees to track their leave allowance
  • Instant email notifications for leave requests and approvals

Who is it for?

Timetastic is ideal for teams and small companies looking for a simple and effective way to manage annual leave and absences, aiming to save time and reduce administrative hassle.

Pricing? $1.50 per user per month

Free trial? Yes


leave management system for businesses

LeaveDates is an intuitive leave management platform perfect for simplifying the process of managing leave requests. It offers a user-friendly interface for employers and employees to plan and book leave, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Top features:

  • Easy leave request and approval process with real-time updates
  • Customizable reports and leave types for tailored management
  • Daily or weekly summary reports via email for ongoing oversight
  • Empowering employees with 24/7 access to their leave entitlement and requests

Who is it for?

LeaveDates is designed for employers and employees seeking a straightforward and accessible solution to manage time off requests, thus it's suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Pricing? Free to begin with

Free trial? Yes

Choose the best leave management software easily

Choosing the right leave management software might seem hard because there are so many options.

But with the information we've shared about the best ones for 2024, you can find the perfect match for your business.

Whether your team is small and needs something simple, or your company is big and needs lots of features, there's software out there for you.

The best software does more than just track time off -  it makes your team work better and feel happier by making things simpler and clearer.

Try Unrubble today and see the difference yourself.

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