Two modules, one price.

At Unrubble, we combine Time-off and Business trips requests into one, simpler module!

We do not multiply modules to artificially increase your costs. You gain access to unified process of applying for Time-off and Business trips.

Automate all application processes in your company and give up expensive and unreliable paperwork. Trust reliable technology and ensure business security.

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Why it will pay off for you?

With Unrubble your team is more effective and your company gains efficiency.

  • Document management

    Document management

    Submission and processing of requests is completely online, documents are always available in electronic form and ready to be printed in your Unrubble account.

  • Full freedom

    Full freedom

    In addition to the Time off and Business trips requests, the new module allows you to create any request type needed in your company, e.g. request for new equipment or remote work.

  • A faster, simpler process

    A faster, simpler process

    Thanks to the unified process of adding Time off and Business trips requests, work on cataloging and approving documents becomes easier, and new employees deploy faster.

  • Unified reporting

    Unified reporting

    You can now record all Time off and Business trips requests within one report in which you can accept, add or edit employee's details.

  • Consistent quality

    Consistent quality

    The Requests module is the result of many years of experience in creating an advanced tool tailored to the needs of each business. The Requests work reliably with the rest of the Unrubble environment.

  • One price

    One price

    One process - one price. From now on, you pay once and you get access to many functionalities, for which you pay as for separate products elsewhere.

Enjoy True Document Management System!

  • Traditional leave applications

    Creating requests’ template - 10 minutes

    Filling out the application - 2 minutes

    Printing and signing the application - 5 minutes

    Delivery of the application to HR - 5 minutes

    Acceptance of the application - up to 8 hours!

  • Document Management System

    Creating requests’ template - Zero

    Completing the application - 3 steps

    Printing and signing the application - Zero

    Submitting the application to HR - Zero

    Acceptance of the application - one click!

Save up to 40 hours a month thanks to Document Management System.

Estimated difference for a company hiring 10 employees.

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Discover other Unrubble products!

Ditch paper, notes and spreadsheets! Replace them with all-in-one tool.

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Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a Mobile Work Time Clock!

Free mobile app for any device running on Android or iOS.

  • Identification via QR codes

    Identification is done in less than 1 second! QR cards can be printed out or saved on phones.

  • Automatic Clock-Ins & Outs

    Employees don't have to choose their work statuses manually, the app does it for them.

  • Photos and GPS locations

    Every event is marked with a GPS location and a photo - say bye, bye to buddy punching.

  • Offline mode

    All stored data will be send when internet connection will reappear.

Join more than 150000 happy users worldwide!

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