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Premium employee scheduling app!

Get an online work schedule planner and create yours staff schedules in matter of minutes not hours. Save up to 12 hours weekly! Top up your efficiency and reduce scheduling problems with our top-rated work schedule maker! Build, plan and share shifts with employees, assign jobs, and positions. In return improve staff accountability, and reduce your labor costs.

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  • Fixed and flexible schedule types

    Assign employees the most appropriate type of schedule.

  • Copy work schedules

    Drag and drop, copy or move shifts to any employee or day on the calendar.

  • Plan, review and publish schedules

    Review and make any necessary changes then publish and notify all employees.

  • Assign positions & jobs

    Assign positions, jobs and projects to employees on the go.

  • Add shift notes

    Add shift-specific notes to the schedule like location or events.

  • Schedule notifications

    Every time you create or modify shift, e-mail notifications are sent to your team.

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SMBs and Enterprises, local shops to Fortune 500 enterprises, our workforce management software is customizable to fit any business size.

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150000+ users

The most powerful employee schedule maker yet!

Ditch Excel and start creating employee schedules in minutes, improve staff accountability, and reduce payroll costs. Get real-time insight into yours team’s schedule via the web or mobile app with the possibility of planning any changes on the fly.

Employee Scheduling

Plan, review & publish schedules

Planning employee schedules can be chaotic and problematic. Unexpected things can slip through the cracks – staff availability, last minute time off requests, sick leaves. Unrubble keeps it all in one place and under control! Your team will be notified instantly when you publish a new schedule.

Forget about spreadsheets and Excel and start saving time!

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Generate work schedule automatically

Schedule smarter and faster! Use powerful yet easy-to-use employee schedule maker to create conflict-free schedules, copy shifts and much, much more.

  • Create schedules by day, week, bi-weekly or month,
  • copy schedules to other employees or to next work period,
  • use schedule maker wizard to auto-generate schedules for any timeline.
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Drag and drop employee shifts

Hassle-free copying and moving thanks to our fully interactive interface. Whether you are dragging a shift to a new date or other employee.

Spend more time on your business and less time on your work schedules!

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Gain a full control over work schedules!

Available online

All data is securely stored on our servers and can be accessed online at any time.

Save and export

Download and save as PDF, CSV or XLS files, which later can be imported to other software.


Schedules have a dedicated print-ready A4 template.

Additional benefits included at no extra charge!

Get a mobile schedule for your staff!

Insight and accountability in the palm of your hand.

Free mobile app designed to work perfectly on both Android and iOS phones.

Schedule with assigned job and note

Schedule by jobs and additional notes

Planning schedule you can also assign a specific jobs or projects to employees with additional notes.

Focus on your business, not on papers!

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Schedule modification history

Keep tabs on all changes in schedule

Track all changes in your staff roster with schedule modification history. Keep an eye on all essential information.

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