Mobile apps for business

Turn your company's smartphones and tablets into a professional work tools.

Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a Mobile Work Time Clock!

Free mobile app for any device running on Android or iOS.

You do not have to buy an expensive time clock in order to fully automate your company's business processes and workflow.

  • Identification via QR codes

    Identification is done in less than 1 second! QR cards can be printed out or saved on phones.

  • Automatic Clock-Ins & Outs

    Employees don't have to choose their work statuses manually, the app does it for them.

  • Photos and GPS locations

    Every event is marked with a GPS location and a photo - say bye, bye to buddy punching.

  • Offline mode

    All stored data will be send when internet connection will reappear.

  • Block app from close

    The administrator's password is required to close the app.

  • Night mode

    Guarantees hassle-free identification even in lack of light source.

Empower your staff with Employee Self-Service (ESS)!

FREE mobile app for all employees! Designed to work perfectly on both Android and iOS phones.

You and your team deserves the convenience and transparency of HR automation.

  • One tap Time Tracking

    Send Clock-Ins, Clock-Outs, breaks etc. marked with a GPS location (if required). Review your daily work time.

  • Put Schedule in everyone's pocket

    Preview of yours schedule for the next 7 days and a calendar with your entire work schedule.

  • Time Off requests made easy

    Preview your PTO limit and usage, submit new requests with user friendly wizard. Get a complete list of all your requests.

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