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Fax Cover Sheet Template Free Download

The template is one of the greatest ways to conserve time when sending faxes to multiple clients. While many people often consider faxes to be an outdated form of technology and part of an era that we have long gone past, this may not necessarily be the case. 

In the realm of business, fax is still one of the most widely used modes of communication, and billions of fax documents are sent every year. This makes the fax cover sheet one of the most important documents to understand in an enterprise.

Grab this printable fax cover sheet in PDF and Microsoft Word formats

Here’s a sample Fax Cover Sheet template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

You can use this for both regular and online fax service. This simple fax cover sheet can be used on just about any device you can think of.

What is a professional fax cover sheet?

Often sent before the main document, the fax cover sheet is used as a cover letter for documents that are to be sent via fax. It is a type of fax cover page that lets the recipient understand the basics of the document without diving into its contents, immediately allowing the recipient of the fax to establish its purpose once it has been received. 

The fax cover sheet is also a great way to determine exactly who the fax is intended for; this can be especially important when sending faxes to large companies with many employees but few fax machines. When you make a fax, using a fax sheet makes sure you have all the right contact information in place.

Why use a free fax cover sheet template?

If your business sends several faxes every day, it might be beneficial to employ a fax cover sheet template for your faxes. This will help maximize the workflow of your business, as you would only need to include the necessary information each time before sending the cover sheet. This will save your business time and keep it focused on issues that may be of higher priority.

A good business fax cover sheet template should include the following details:

1. Names

There are often two names included in the fax cover sheet: the name of the recipient and the name of the sender. This detail allows whoever reads the cover sheet to identify who the sender of the incoming fax is going to be, as well as whom that fax is intended for.

If your business is sending the fax, you should ensure that you have included the correct name, as this would reduce the chance of the fax going to the wrong person. All fax templates should include this element.

2. Fax numbers

Much like the names, there are often two fax numbers included in the cover sheet: the fax number of the recipient and the fax number of the sender. However, the recipient’s number is often prioritized in some templates. This means that the fax number of the sender may only be included in the header of the cover sheet. However, you must not omit your business’ fax number as the recipient would require it to send a reply.

3. Telephone numbers

Including the number of your business and the number of the intended recipient is a great method of adding extra validation to your fax. If an error has been made in the recipient’s name, it may be possible to use the telephone number to trace the recipient. Also, if the recipient tries to contact you through more popular means, it would be much easier for your recipient to contact you if they have your telephone number.

4. Number of pages of fax transmission

While fax machines are a practical piece of equipment to have in your office, they are also liable to breakdowns or technical issues. It is common for pages to stick together as they move through the feeder. Without the number of pages on a fax coversheet, it may be impossible for your recipient to know that some pages have been omitted. By including the number of pages on the cover sheet, the recipient can be sure if any pages are missing and contact you about them.

It is often considered good practice to count the cover sheet as a page when you are noting down the number of pages. Therefore, if you are sending a fax that is three pages, the number of pages should be listed as four.

5. Fax subject

Similar to an e-mail, this should be a basic summary of what the fax is about. This is a single sentence and is intended to be the tagline of the fax. The subject is helpful because it allows the recipient to determine what the fax is about before opening it.

You should apply great care when writing subject lines, as it may determine whether your fax is read or not. In general, your subject lines should be easily recognizable to the recipient.

6. Date

This is simply used to indicate the date that the fax has been sent off to the recipient. While the date is often considered to be simple information, it could be crucial in meeting deadlines. An example may be that your recipient’s fax server is experiencing high volume and may not receive the fax on the intended date. In such cases, the date on the fax cover letter can be a great indicator of when the fax was sent.

7. Instructions

Leaving instructions for your recipient is an excellent method of speeding up the communication process. There are four basic instructions that are included in fax cover sheet templates:

  • Urgent: Requires speedy action from the recipient.
  • For Review: Requires the recipient to go through the document and give feedback. This is often the case if the fax is to be used for purposes beyond the interaction between your business and the recipient.
  • Please Comment: Requires the recipient to give comments about the fax. Your business should expect another fax from the recipient, or you may be contacted through the provided telephone number.
  • Please Reply: Requires the recipient to give further information about the details in the fax. This may be the case when your business expects structured feedback from the recipient. You should indicate this if you are in crucial need of a reply.


Fax cover sheet templates also often include a comment section as it is likely that the basic instructions may not fully cover the actionable steps you intend your recipient to take. In this section, you can add extra instructions or additional details that may help clarify the intention of the fax.

It is often advisable that comments are laid out in a letter-like manner. It should begin with the name of the recipients before being followed by a short message about the contents of the fax. Comments written in a letter format should always be closed out with a signatory. Here is an example comment section from a fictional corporation, Tangwo:

Here are the documents which you requested via our telephone call on the 25th of August. We have also included the additional details about water distribution, as requested. Our annual meeting holds tomorrow so it is highly likely that you may find it difficult to contact our managers. However, if you have any urgent questions, leave them with Donald at the desk.
Kindest Regards,
Tangwo Corporation.

The comment in the example is simple and straightforward, detailing what the fax is about while also mentioning when it was requested.

Depending on the fax cover sheet template, some additional details may also be added. This includes:

  1. Logo
  2. Company Tag Line
  3. Cc (Carbon Copy)


In the business world, the issue of fax cover sheets is still being debated. Businesses often argue that the cover sheet is wasteful as it does not provide any intrinsic value, especially as fax messages often come with identifiers.

On the other hand, some businesses choose to include the cover sheet as it provides an immediate form of identification, as you can easily include the name of the recipient and the sender. Cover sheets are also helpful in including additional comments that would not have been possible to place in the actual fax, making it much easier to communicate the details of the document to the recipient.

Nevertheless, choosing to include a cover sheet will depend on the choices of your business, and the message it is attempting to communicate. If you are unsure about including a cover sheet, you can run a trial period within your company where some faxes are sent with a cover sheet while others are sent without one. During this period, attempt to document the experiences of your customers for both cases and then determine which option is yielding better results.

The example fax cover sheet template included here can be downloaded. It is easy to use and is an excellent way to speed up your workflows and better understand how the fax cover sheet truly works.

Frequently asked questions

Is using a fax sheet necessary in the digital age?

Using a cover sheet for fax can seem unnecessary, especially since the typical fax contains less information compared to an email. However, some companies still rely on faxes as a way of communication. There are various online internet fax to email services too, so using a fax sheet is not necessary, but it's nice to have.

Can I customize a fax cover sheet template?

By all means. We provided you with an editable fax cover sheet template that you can change according to your needs. However, it should still have the basics, such as date and time, name and contact information, and others.

Do I need a fax machine to use a fax cover sheet template?

No, there are various free online internet fax services that you can use and download for free. You can send and receive faxes online without having an actual fax device.

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